Simplify EMM deployment across your customers’ enterprise with a cloud-based solution so your customers can increase business efficiency

Why you should choose Samsung Knox Manage

You can increase business efficiency and secure corporate data across your customers’ enterprise by working with Tech Data and Samsung. Support any device across Android, iOs or Windows 10, and deliver the most security on Samsung Galaxy devices integrated with the Knox platform. 

With Samsung Knox Manage, you can become a trusted advisor who empowers IT admins to remotely manage devices, across multiple operating systems. Not only this, but you can give them granular control over how sensitive data, corporate emails, and financial information can be shared across and between devices. 

Deliver robust manageability to your customers

Human error is often the biggest vulnerability across enterprises. Data leaks, lost files, and shadow IT can all threaten the security of the business. Samsung Knox Manage secures your customers’ corporate data, so whether their CEO or their junior members of staff are accessing it, you can always know information is safe.
Mobile management is made easy with a cloud-based command centre, which allows your customers’ IT admins to remotely manage devices throughout the enterprise. Give your customers the power to restrict how devices are being used (wherever they are), prevent employees from carrying out unintentional actions, and define the policies that their end users must follow.

What are the features of Samsung Knox Manage?

With Tech Data and Samsung, you can give control back to your customers. Knox Manage offers event-based management, device location tracking, and allows admins to lock devices to designated apps. As a trusted advisor, you need to understand your customers’ concerns and deliver the right solutions to them.  

Device settings

Allow your customers to push apps to any employee phone, define firewall settings at the connection point, and configure employee emails accounts from the main console.

Device management

Give your customers the opportunity to define restrictions, apply policies for predicted circumstances, and prevent the use of device functions such as camera, screen capture, and external SD cards.

Device monitoring

Secure devices across the enterprise from security breaches with remote device lock/wipe, location tracking, and remote device support.