Keep all devices on the same OS for heightened security and responsiveness with Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air

Why you should choose Samsung E-FOTA

Give you customers the ability to control how and when firmware updates are performed on mobile devices across their enterprise. With Enterprise Over-The-Air (E-FOTA), your customers can gain full visibility and management over updates to their device fleets — regardless of their operating system. 

The benefits of over-the-air updates are huge. Employees no longer need to be hands-on. End users simply need to connect to WiFi or 3G and receive the upgrade. That means business productivity doesn’t falter and you can position yourself as a trusted advisor who puts customers, their employees, and their business first. 

Give your customers control over OS versions

Enterprises work in a variety of ways, but Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is one of the most common. It encourages productivity, flexibility, and higher employee satisfaction levels across the business. However, it can introduce security risks and incompatibility issues where different operating systems are being used.

Your customers may find it tough managing a fleet of devices when their employees are on different OS versions. Some older versions are vulnerable to security issues, yet the latest one may not be optimised for  in-house software. The Samsung E-FOTA solution lets your customers keep all devices on the same OS.

Samsung E-FOTA gives your customers’ IT admins the ability to test updates before deployment, so they can make sure in-house software and any new OS versions are completely compatible. Working with Samsung and Tech Data, you can become a trusted advisor who can keep enterprise devices running up-to-date — without disruption.

What are the features of Samsung E-FOTA?

Working with Tech Data and Samsung, you can win new business in a variety of sectors and industries. That’s because Samsung E-FOTA can be used in normal enterprises, as well as highly regulated sectors, such as government and finance. Even app development companies can benefit from the features of Samsung E-FOTA.

With Samsung E-FOTA, your customers can:  

Control which firmware revisions are used across the enterprise.

Test business solutions and prevent flaws caused 
by incompatibilities. 

Schedule OS updates for devices, all at the same (and most convenient) time.

Adopt a single mobile OS version across the business with “force updates”.

Better manage mobile devices with selected firmware upgrades.