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Disaster Recovery

Help your customers plan for the worst case scenario

Downtime is a nightmare for any company. But with proper planning and processes in place, it doesn’t have to be a disaster. From loss of income to loss of reputation, your customers need to be protected.

Disaster Recovery

Delivering a failsafe backup strategy

Some companies are still oblivious to the dangers around data storage. On-premise servers, multiple copies of the same file in the same location, and no backup solution is a recipe for disaster. Give your customers protection and peace of mind.

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Facilitate third-party backup with remote access

With a cloud-based remote backup solution, your customers benefit from instant recovery with no loss of data and no impact on their users.

Protecting data

Protecting data

Ensure sensitive information doesn’t leave the business.

Protecting reputation

Protect your businesses' reputation

Minimise the impact of downtime with your customers.

Protecting revenue

Protect your company's revenue

Help your customers keep their business active and productive.

Provide strong data protection in the cloud

When your Microsoft customers inquire about data protection, continuity issues, or disaster recovery solutions, Tech Data is there to help.


Introducing Veeam and Veeam Availability Suite

Veeam, a Tech Data ecosystem solution enables you to offer your customers simplified business continuity between their data centre and Microsoft cloud solution. With Veeam your customers are able to lower costs by archiving data to Microsoft Azure, and mitigate risk by backing up Office 365, whilst also offering protection of workloads.

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Take a closer look at Veritas Backup Exec

Veritas is another powerful Tech Data ecosystem solution you can tap into to better serve your customers. Veritas Backup Exec gives your customers peace of mind by offering comprehensive data protection for Microsoft Azure, whilst also offering storage optimisation and compliance readiness.

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Explore the latest Microsoft resources on Trusted Advisor

Discover through our resource portfolio how working with Tech Data will empower you to maximise your sales, boost profit margins and satisfy your customers.