Delivering better patient outcomes

Technology is the key to transforming patient care, giving professionals the tools they need to securely access sensitive information, apps and services to support patients at the bedside, and communicate with colleagues across distances.

Surface devices are intuitive to use, powerful, efficient and incredibly secure. Transforming the way healthcare professionals work, Surface provides them with modern devices that let them connect, collaborate and communicate in new ways to enhance patient care.


Surface helps frontline physicians to better manage their teams and co-ordinate with specialists:

  • Light and versatile devices that adapt to the ways they work.
  • Enables physicians to communicate and collaborate with colleagues at the patient’s bedside.
  • Use the Surface pen to sign forms and take receipt of medications.


Surface enables personalised care for every patient and increased productivity:

  • A full Windows 10 experience in the palm of their hand with Surface Go for Business.
  • Run critical EHR and productivity apps to stay productive the entire shift.
  • Can be easily sanitised and robust to survive a fall.

Community care workers

Surface keeps remote workers connected and in constant communication with their colleagues:

  • Surface Go for Business is designed to be ultra-lightweight for fully mobile telemedicine.
  • LTE connectivity with data encryption keeps patient data secure on the move.
  • Capture e-signatures on the spot with Surface pen.

Discount structure

Tech Data offers a per unit percentage discount on qualifying sales of eligible Surface SKUs to all NHS establishments. This discount can be combined with an approved Deal Registration pricing discount for opportunities involving 50 devices or more, but cannot be used in conjunction with Bid Grid, Special, Accelerate, Education or Multi-National pricing Programmes.

Terms and Conditions apply