Where to go for everything to do with your Microsoft Partner business

Microsoft Partner Network

For guidance, resources and solutions. You can also access and manage your Microsoft Partnership benefits via Microsoft Partner Centre Dashboard.

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Microsoft Partner Centre

For all the Microsoft resources you need to manage your relationship with Microsoft and your Microsoft customers.

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Microsoft Partner Program

The Microsoft Partner Program has four different levels of membership and benefits for you to choose from.

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Cloud Enablement Desk

To help with your training, the Cloud Enablement Desk is a free-of-charge 1-1 meetings service run by cloud specialists for Microsoft Partners wanting to grow their cloud business. Topics include lead activation, making the most of your benefits as a Microsoft Partner, onboarding solutions, competencies and roadmaps.

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Cloud Ascent Dashboard

Use the Cloud Ascent Dashboard to help you with your customer targeting. It can help you generate leads, gain customer insights and capitalise on any up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

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Microsoft Competency Partners certification

Get Microsoft Competency Partners certification to beef up your sales potential by demonstrating, when it comes to your working with Microsoft solutions, your consistent capability and commitment (for silver membership) and best-in-class capability (for gold membership).

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New Commence Experience (NCE)

Catch up on recent important changes to Microsoft CSP in the New Commence Experience (NCE) – the big changes rate to commercial terms, margins, incentives, operation and billing logic and billing dates. This is really pertinent to you if you were a Microsoft Partner before January 2022.

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Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller Incentives

Microsoft CSP Indirect Reseller Incentives are available for partners who achieve Microsoft’s criteria for Modern Commence Incentives.

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Microsoft Partner Enablement Tool

A suite of seven tools designed to help you set up and run your Microsoft business. The tools are:

Solution Workspace
Commercial Consulting Tool
Technical Journeys
CDX Transformation
Transform Portal
Technical Readiness Hub.


Learn & Get Certified

A selection of tools and resources, including Microsoft Learn, UK Partner Skills Hub, UK Microsoft Partner Events Calendar, Training Gallery and Technical Webinars. Resulting certifications include Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified Associate and Microsoft Certified Expert.

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Go-To-Market Benefits

Microsoft resources focussed on helping you save time and money with tools to target potential customers. There are two levels. One is for all partners and is about establishing a Microsoft business, and the other is for Silver and Gold partners looking to boost and optimise an existing business.

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Microsoft Resources

Microsoft Resources and Support Paths is a resource of overviews, guides, training and support for Microsoft Partners.

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Cloud Practice Builder Methodology

Cloud Practice Builder Methodology can help you assess your business’ capability for transformation and help you identify an enablement path to suit your organisation.

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Tech Data Velocity Programme

The Tech Data Velocity Programme is designed to help you as a partner develop and manage a strategy and plan for success. You can also use it for the tools, training and resources you need to optimise your Microsoft business.

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Next steps?

Get it touch with the Tech Data UK CSP team at csp@techdata.co.uk

Download the Tech Data SureStep brochure

For more information about your Microsoft journey with Tech Data, download the SureStep brochure that will give you more detail about being a Microsoft Partner.