Your customers’ applications are constantly producing and consuming a colossal amount of data these days. And your customers have an ever-growing need to embed more advanced technology, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, in their applications and to integrate these innovations in a highly scalable SaaS model. You can support them, and we’ve an e-book dedicated to helping you build the foundation you need to be SaaS-ready.

Introducing Tech Data’s Cloud-Ready eBook for ISVs

This Tech Data SaaSification e-book covers the strategic and organisational choices you need to consider when moving an on-premise application offering to the Azure SaaS model hosted in the public cloud.

This e-book will help you:

✓ define a plan of how you can benefit from cloud transformation
✓ fast track through the first steps to access SaaS benefits
✓ remodel your finances from licences to subscriptions
✓ reorganise your processes for continuous delivery and customer retention
✓ learn how to keep up with cloud-enabled innovation
✓ prepare and enter new markets.

Next steps?

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