Lenovo is one of the world’s leading personal technology companies with a vast portfolio spanning servers, PCs and mobile internet devices. Together with the expertise and support from Tech Data, this partnership is the perfect opportunity to increase your profit and customer satisfaction and grow your business while reducing costs.
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Why Tech Data for Lenovo?

Lenovo bring the portfolio, Tech Data bring the rest. We have majority market share of Lenovo across the UK distribution market, which demonstrates the trust our partners have in us, and the excellent service we deliver.

Our Business Solution Centre enables you to show your customers Lenovo’s products in action – so the products do most of the talking. This speeds up your sales process, making it much more efficient and ultimately, easier. We also deliver a full end-to-end portfolio and exclusively hold stock at our logistics centre in Magna Park, Leicestershire.

Ultimately, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you’re supported as a partner at every step.
Our Trusted Advisor approach ensures that out main focuses are driving your growth, increasing your profit, reducing your costs and enabling you to build stronger satisfaction with your customers. Here’s how our dedicated Lenovo team do so:

Drive Growth

Dedicated Lenovo business unit for expert knowledge, support and project management, as well as pre-sales technical information

Partner induction programme for fast partner onboarding

Joint sales opportunities for acquisition accounts using Tech Data and Lenovo product specialists

Increase Profit

Tech Data’s InTouch platform can manage special pricing opportunities to close large deals quickly

Training offered to achieve desired rebate bands and investment opportunities

Proactive renew and upsell opportunities so you can sell to customers at every price point

Increase your cash flow with our Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan – this also enables you to bundle hardware, software and services into one easy to manage, affordable subscription

Reduce Cost

The Lenovo Partner Portal is a one stop shop for pricing sheets and marketing assets

Our configuration, deployment and delivery options eradicate the need for expensive resources

Training and accreditations are available to you with an end-user positioning, completely free of charge

Customer Satisfaction

Full end-to-end service enables you to offer customers a full solution spanning Client, Enterprise and Mobile

Full on-site fix responses are available so you and your customers can rest easy knowing they’ll be up and running in not time should there be any issues.

Our dedicated specialists (from pre-sales and post-sales specialists, to technical support and account managers) are in place to support you and your customers at every stage of the sales cycle.