ThinkSystem Servers

Reduce your customer’s costs and complexity by investing in a system that handles today’s workloads and expands to accommodate future growth.

Rack Servers

From growing small business to enterprise workloads, Lenovo rack servers offer the unmatched value, flexibility and industry-leading efficiency to meet mission-critical demands with legendary quality and reliability.

Tower Servers

Lenovo tower servers deliver powerful performance and versatile storage configurations in a small footprint for SMBs to large institutions. Get the reliability your customers expect from their data centre, delivered in a package optimised for office environments.

Blade Servers

Flex System is Lenovo’s proven, 2nd generation blade, that efficiently runs your customer’s infrastructure applications with up to 80% better density than standard rack server deployments.

Mission-Critical Servers

Don’t sacrifice performance for high availability. With Lenovo mission critical servers, your customers receive best in class reliability and uptime with powerful performance for the workloads that run their enterprise.

High-Density Servers

Lenovo dense systems deliver massive computing power in minimal space to tackle workloads like High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, grid and analytics.

Server Options

Give your customers added performance and functionality with easy-to-install and configure server options, compatibility tested for fast integration into your systems.

ThinkSystem Storage

Lenovo provide storage solutions that are easy to manage, simple to scale and always available. They adapt to your customers’ growing virtual environments, fitting into their existing budget whilst ensuring data is ready when they need it.

Storage-Area Network

Data centre, virtualisation, cloud and big-data ready, this storage-area network (SAN) is easy-to-use, and affordable with advanced capabilities to integrate into your customer’ existing infrastructure, or start a new one.

Direct-Attached Storage

Direct-attached storage unties from Lenovo are powerful, flexible, cost-effective and provide high-capacity storage. These units are ideal for space constrained environments and cost-sensitive customers.

Tape Storage

Lenovo’s tape storage offers a cost-effective data protection and archive solution. Tape technology is one of the most energy-efficient, portable, and secure long-term data storage solutions available. The Lenovo tape portfolio offers a wide selection to suit your customers needs.

ThinkSystem Networking

Future proof your customers cloud with interoperable, high performance and great value networking solutions from Lenovo.

Lenovo networking switches are built for modern data centres; the range include Ethernet RackWitch (ToR), Ethernet Switches for Flex (Embedded), Networking Software and Campus Switches.