Why Tech Data for HP?

Partnering with Tech Data  

Partnering with HP and Tech Data brings you one step closer to becoming a trusted advisor to your customers. We can help our partners in every stage of the IT lifecycle, from planning and procuring, integrating and testing, through to installing and implementing.

We further drive our partners’ success by providing in-depth services that span a multitude of disciplines including marketing, sales, strategic business development, technical expertise, finance, procurement, logistics and training. Together, HP and Tech Data offer you an unrivalled product portfolio and excellent customer service that enables your business to grow while increasing profit, reducing costs and supporting your customers with their every requirement.

Drive Growth

By driving growth for our partners, we are driving growth for our vendors and progressing the delivery of technology to market.

  • Complete build to order (BTO) process
  • Deal registration and vendor account management
  • Digital marketing programmes to drive lead generation
  • Finance solution options
  • Managed bid service
  • Support from HP’s vertical sales teams

Increase Profit

Sustained growth comes from profitable growth, it’s of paramount importance that our programmes deliver increased profit for our partners.

  • Additional rebate opportunities
  • Analytics and services upsell
  • Auto-attach solutions online at point of sale
  • Intouch special end user bid pricing
  • Proactive web chat facility for optimum end user experience at point of sale
  • Tech Data onboarding programme

Reduce Cost

Through digital transformation and leveraging Tech Data’s resources we aim to remove cost from the channel; benefitting partners and vendors alike.

  • Access to demo kit for proof of concept
  • Comprehensive technical and sales training onsite
  • Customised configuration and logistics solutions
  • HP sales and support for joint end user opportunities
  • Marketing activity funding
  • Proof of technology centre for end users
  • Resources for both sales and marketing

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to enable our partners to offer their customers the smoothest, most efficient service; which in turn generates a level of satisfaction that leads to repeat business.

  • A single end user solution incorporating full managed roll-out, HP portfolio and accessories, software and services
  • Analytics service ensures cost-effective solutions
  • Robust security across PC and print
  • Tech-as-a-Service offers a flexible customer solution and better staff retention 

Contact the Team

If you have any further questions or wish to get in touch with the HP team here at Tech Data, visit our ‘Contact the Team’ page today.

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