Tech Data’s Printer4You Tool

Printer4You is a new tool hosted on Tech Data’s InTouch platform. The tool provides printers, services, consumables and software solutions in the form of MPS contracts online.
Problems v Solutions with Printer4You

Customer Problem

  • Unknown follow-up costs – Often businesses buy printers on the internet without knowing these follow-up costs. Managing the printer can then become costly and cumbersome for your customers.
  • Consumable Issues – Consumables can be stored within your customers’ businesses – which ties up capital – or consumables are still purchased for printers that aren’t able to print. Furthermore, empty consumables will prevent urgent print jobs from being completed.

Solution with Printer4You

  • Cost comparison – The Printer4You tool will compare the total cost of ownership for HP printers – both upfront cost and post-sale management costs – enabling you to offer your customers the most effective printing solution that suits their individual business needs.
  • Customers remain fully equipped – With the Printer4You tool, your customers will be fully equipped with new consumables under their full service contract (12 to 60 months).

HP JetAdvantage Solutions

Streamline your customers’ crucial paper-based and electronic business processes with HP JetAdvantage solutions. This solution helps to reduce IT workload and costs, enhance employee productivity and enables users to print securely wherever business demands.

Centralise Fleet Management

HP JetAdvantage solutions helps your customers to centralise their fleet management – with this solution they can easily take charge of their printers, scanners and MFPs, allowing them to spend time on what really matters.

Management Solutions

Enable your customers to expertly monitor, manage, update and troubleshoot devices while saving IT time and budget. Your customers can locate devices and data to help optimise their print environment.

Solutions from HP

HP JetAdvantage Insights

With a simple, user-friendly dashboard, HP JetAdvantage Insights provides on-demand viewing of printing behaviours and device use.

HP Universal Print Driver

The HP Universal Print Driver enables easy setup and printing without your customers needing to download separate, product-specific drivers.