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Cyber threats can evolve, putting security first and protecting your customers’ vulnerabilities are a priority. Our security experts here at Tech Data are available to help you enhance your security practice, showing you how to take advantage of opportunities to sell security solutions and earn new revenues.

Print security – what are the risks?

No threat detection

HP create printers with anti-malware features to detect, stop and report anomalies. Defend your customers network from evolving threats with the world’s most secure printers. Only HP Enterprise printers can detect and self-heal from malware. What’s more, their upgradeable firmware means new security features can be added over time.

Un-controlled Access

Enable your customers to require authentication to use their printers from all computing devices. HP software solutions help to ensure only authenticated users and devices access can access your customer’s print network and keep their data encrypted.

Sensitive documents

Reduce unclaimed print jobs, protect sensitive documents and deter tampering or fraud with security solutions from HP. HP Access Control Secure Pull lets users print documents to a secure network and authenticate at the print by entering a PIN, scanning a badge, or other protocol.

Un-configured devices

Harden devices and maintain firmware updates for security patches. You can set, configure, and automatically maintain 200+ HP printer security settings with HP JetAdvantage Security Manager.

What are the solutions?

HP Sure Start

Protect your customers’ firmware with the first and only self-healing PC BIOS which monitors in-memory BIOS, recovers the platform without user or admin intervention, restores the BIOS to a custom state, and is enterprise ready for centralised management.

HP Sure Run

Keep your customers’ critical applications and processes running even if malware tries to shut them down with self-healing protection from HP Sure Run. This hardware-enforced application persistence solution has the capability to maintain communications with the policy enforcement while the OS is running.

HP Sure Recover

Minimise your customers’ user downtime with HP Sure Recover. This service lets your customers quickly, easily and securely reimage their device using only a network connection. HP Sure Recover also enables IT to schedule reimaging for their entire fleet of devices.

HP Sure Click

HP Sure Click keeps web-based attacks locked inside an isolated browser tab, providing hardware-enforced security for web browsers, protecting your customer’s PC from websites infected with malware, ransomware or viruses.

HP Sure View

HP Sure View (Gen2) deters visual hacking with instant data privacy. Keep your customer’s information private; prying eyes won’t see anything they shouldn’t and the solution can be deployed with just the push of a button.

Intel® Authenticate

Intel® Authenticate is a  hardware-enhanced, multi-factor authentication solution which protects the endpoint by hardening security outside of the operating system to reduce the risk of data breaches.

AMD Secure Technology

AMD Secure Technology delivers the greatest peace of mind via an inbuilt security system that puts protection directly onto your customers’ processors.