Better Together

Together HP and Tech Data offer the ultimate service in pre and post-sales support and training; services include asset tagging, kitting services, HP Care Packs and HP Care service.

Tech Data Pre-sales Support

Tech Data Pre-sales support is provided by dedicated resources within our teams; these services include complex quoting, sales engagement, bid support, as well as being able to advise on any queries you have before making a purchase for your customer.

By understanding the process fully, and reaping the rewards of our quoting systems we enable you to increase your profit, and the efficiency of the process, thanks to the support on offer, will inevitably increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Tech Data Configuration Centre

The Tech Data Configuration centre offers a variety of different services that tailor your customers’ equipment directly to their unique specifications and ensures everything is working correctly, saving them valuable time and money.

Our team are able to tag assets, providing them with a unique ID number, complete DOA testing to ensure the kit is working as it should and offer kitting services, where you can re-pack equipment to include any extra accessories.

HP Care Packs

HP Care Packs deliver enhanced levels of service with limited downtime; with a variety of offerings, your customers can customise a service solution that meets their needs.

Service extension

Allowing your customers to extend service coverage of products to match the expected length of time they will be used.

Next Business Day Onsite Response

Providing faster response time for customers who want to reduce downtime on units experiencing technical problems.

Next Business Day Exchange

Providing faster response time than the standard warranty for PC products that have an exchange base warranty by shipping a permanent replacement unit overnight via premium airfreight.

APM Analytics Management

Analytics software for IT managers to manage the performance and workload of the Notebooks on your PC estate.