Find the sales tools you need

HP Sales Central is more intuitive and user-friendly than ever before, you can quickly find the sales tools you need, including country and language-specific content and collateral. Access the web-based application from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

What is HP Sales Central?

HP Sales Central offers one-stop, personalised access to the tools and latest, most relevant sales collateral and resources you need to make and close a deal. HP Sales Central is the place to go when you need collateral, detailed product information, presentations, training, marketing materials, comparisons, competitive content, NPI (new product information) and much more.

Accurate and up-to-date content is delivered by business group and topic category and is available from any device, anywhere, anytime.

HP Sales Central puts everything at your fingertips

It’s the gateway to HP partner sales and marketing tools. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find:

Sales Tools

Climb the ladder to AI faster with the right information architecture, Build, train and deploy machine learning and AI models and unify them with data they rely on.

Marketing Tools

Capitalise on data as a strategic asset with a collaborative, fully-governed team platform to quickly gain new insights from all data at its source – regardless of type or where it lives.


Adopt a cloud-native architecture while keeping data where you want it. Build once and deploy anywhere, provision and scale in minutes and increase agility to realign workloads with business needs.


Give your customers visibility into their ever-changing data landscape and help prevent data misuse. Simplify data policy, protection and compliance management with automated tools and machine learning.
HP Sales Central lets you personalise your experience to meet your unique needs.
For example, you can store favourite items, assets and searches, saving them for quick reference in the future in the ‘My Favourites’ area.
How to access and navigate HP Sales Central
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