Excellence in Execution

Logistics are fundamental to everything we do at Tech Data. Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art distribution centre at Magna Park has over 3.5 miles of automated conveyor and 500,000 square feet of floor space, capable of shipping products anywhere in Europe within 24 hours.

Tech Data’s logistics services enable solution providers and end customers to outsource building, testing and delivery of full working IT solutions, freeing up your time to focus on core business activity.

Asset tagging

Tech Data can help keep track of your valuable IT assets by applying a unique asset tag to each piece of hardware purchased from us prior to arrival on-site. Accurate data showing the asset tag number, item description, serial and model numbers can be supplied to enable accurate hardware management

Demand Planning

Within supply chain management, demand planning is critical to accurately forecast demand and align inventory levels with peaks and troughs. It improves operating efficiency through lower inventory and also increases margins and profitability across product lines.

DOA testing

Dead on Arrival (DOA) testing involves each item being unboxed, powered up and checked operationally, prior to delivery. It helps to minimise the impact that defective products can have on project roll-out and scheduling, and also the time spent on arranging returns and replacements.


Tech Data’s imaging and configuration services add value to all of our partners and end customers, saving costs. The service addresses capacity limitations, technical certifications issues, supply chain operational inefficiencies with rising shipping and logistics management costs, quality management certification issues and the availability and utilisation of in-house technical staff.


Our highly trained technicians handle kitting and configuration of all software and hardware. Whether you require additional processing power, programme installation or a custom-built server, Tech Data has the knowledge and capability to deliver exactly what you need.

Storage and Project Stock Rollout

If you are short on office space or prefer to operate a just-in-time delivery system, Tech Data can hold and store stock specifically allocated for you.

Additional Config Options

Offer your customers a plug and print experience with Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) services. PDI inspects, sets up and tests equipment prior to delivery to your customs. It eliminates the risk of DOA printers, user downtime, and a host of other issues that could damage end-user and overall customer experience.