Most of your customers are now “cloud-first” in how they operate. Ensuring your customers get the most from their cloud experience, day-in, day-out, is Google Chrome Enterprise.

Google Chrome Enterprise is the business-focussed solution for Chrome devices, Chrome Browser, and Chrome OS.

In order to take a Chromebook and enable all the business capabilities of the operating system, as well as allowing IT to manage the device, you need Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

Note: Chrome Enterprise Upgrade was formerly called Chrome Enterprise Licence

Chrome Devices

Powered by Chrome OS, and built by the widest range of the world’s leading manufacturers, Chromebooks make anywhere-work simple.

As cloud-native hardware, Chromebook users simply log into their Google account, where they’ll find all their Google Drive files and Chrome preferences.

Super-fast load up and super-secure, it’s like having a brand new device every time you start a Chromebook up.
  • Sandboxing compartmentalises different browser tabs, ensuring if one gets infected, the rest stay safe.
  • Verified Boot delivers a rigorous and seamless background security check on every boot up.
  • Built-in virus protection defends Chromebooks, rather than users having to install their own security software.
Providing a huge range of tools to your customers, Google Workspace is Google’s integrated workspace, providing high performance productivity and security applications designed for collaboration.

Being cloud-based, Google Workspace offers exceptional agility coupled with ease of deployment and use across your customers’ digital estates, while simultaneously unifying the way their staff work and interact, especially when working remotely.

Google Cloud Platform

Named as a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services, Google Cloud Platform provides the means to fully modernise and streamline your customers’ cloud adoption and infrastructure.

Users can adopt hybrid and multi-cloud solutions without vendor lock-in, modernise their legacy applications, uncover actionable insights from their data with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform, along with many other world-class features.

When you offer Google Cloud Platform to your customers, you’re offering leading cloud performance combined with proven high-end security.

Please note: Google Cloud Platform is currently not available through distribution in the UK, to find out more please visit the Google website