Google unlocks the potential of every student and teacher alike through the intuitive, highly-accessible, and near-unlimited functionality available throughout their education ecosystem.

Google devices and software are designed to adapt and grow with their users, giving them the creative and technical tools that never put a limit on their potential.


Chrome devices for Education

As user-agnostic devices, Chromebooks are ideally suited to the classroom: students simply pick up a Chromebook from the rack, login, and all their work, apps, and settings are there, just how they left them on another Chromebook yesterday.

  • Background updates install the latest security and features every 6 weeks
  • Sandboxed identities, user profiles, and OS
  • Data encryption and verified security checks on every boot up

Available as tablets, laptops, or somewhere in between, there’s a Chromebook for every style of education.

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Chrome Education Upgrade

Leveraging the full capabilities of Chromebooks and Chrome OS, Chrome Education Upgrade frees up teachers to focus on learning outcomes rather than IT concerns by centralising device management and access into a single pane of glass.

Managed access

Managed access

Protect younger and vulnerable users online, while enabling identity-free usage for shared devices

Simplified deployment

Simplified deployment

IT admin teams are given full oversight and control of devices and access policies, whether school-issued or student-owned, through a single console.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Remotely disable lost or stolen devices, while user data is wiped upon logout, and devices are persistently enrolled to a customers’ domain.

24/7 IT admin support

24/7 IT admin support

Google support is always on hand with Chrome OS troubleshooting assistance at no extra cost.

Free teachers to teach, and those being taught to get the most from their education, with Chrome Education Upgrade.

Onboard as a Google Chrome for Education partner to sell Chrome Education Upgrade with Tech Data now.

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace for Education

Previously known as G Suite for Education, Google Workspace for Education delivers intuitive productivity and collaboration tools, a number of which are designed specifically for the education sector.

Available in a range of packages to suit every budget and classroom, Google Workspace for Education allows you to tap into this rapidly growing market opportunity with world-leading products that carry instant brand recognition.

The full Google Workspace for Education portfolio is now available directly available from Tech Data, enabling you to benefit from our extensive range of value-add solutions and services.

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Ecosystem vendors

Google also offer your customers the opportunity to reap the benefits afforded by Google for Education, but often at lower cost, through their ecosystem vendor partners, including Neverware.

CloudReady by Neverware allows educational establishments the ability to stretch their IT budget further, while expanding device access, and extending the life of existing hardware.

Existing hardware + CloudReady = Revitalised learning experience


Once installed on machines, CloudReady replaces the aging operating systems and heavy local apps that slow performance with web-based applications and the faster, lightweight Chrome OS, significantly increasing performance and usefulness.

It means hardware that would have once been consigned to the scrapheap get a new lease of life, school budgets go further, and students get the digital education experience they deserve.

Please Note: You do not have to be onboarded as a Google Chrome for Education partner to be able to sell CloudReady by Neverware, however Tech Data have great offers and bundles available to onboarded partners.

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Onboard as a Google for Education partner

By selling Google Chrome devices into the Education sector, you’re already tapping into a fast growing market, with one of the world’s leading cloud-focussed vendors.

How to become a partner

To help take your Google Chrome for Education practice to the next level, onboarding as a Chrome for Education Partner confers significant advantages.

  • Access to selling the Chrome for Education Upgrade – available only to approved Chrome for Education Partners
  • Exclusive sales and marketing tools
  • Additional Google-specific online training
  • Enhanced market authority as an official Google partner