With over 80 years of combined channel experience, our Tech Data Citrix specialists offer exceptional service across business development, enablement, sales, marketing and technical support. Tech Data’s mission is to provide our partners with the right pathway to successfully drive their business, and ultimately make their customers’ Citrix journey a success.

By partnering with Tech Data for Citrix, you will benefit from a myriad of exclusive services and expertise designed to:
Working together with Tech Data and Citrix maximises your potential by providing access to new opportunities and supporting you right through to sealing the deal. We enable you to understand and articulate the Citrix proposition to your customers, and can even provide collaborative solutions with Citrix-ready vendors such as Microsoft, Google and AWS.
The Tech Data team offer regular innovation workshops to provide you with the latest solution road maps and cross-sell opportunities for your Citrix practice. Our specialists work to remove the complexity out of generating quotes and dealing with promotions, as well as advising on the best Citrix licensing model for you and your customers – saving both time and cost.
Demonstrate multi-vendor solutions and establish proof-of-concept to your customers for free by utilising Tech Data’s Business Solutions Centre, which is packed full of the latest product and solutions in action. You can also leverage our fast track sales teams with bespoke training to drive the biggest return for your Citrix practice, in house, at no cost.
Offer a bespoke, optimised service to your customers by utilising Tech Data’s dedicated Citrix specialists. Their industry-leading expertise will leave you prepared, educated and ready to provide your customers with the highest level of satisfaction when leading them through their Citrix journey.

Here at Tech Data, we are ready and waiting to enable, train and support you in growing your Citrix business.

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Our Accelerate Programme gives partners a unique opportunity to clarify, define and hone their Citrix strategic messaging, providing them with the tools that they need to win more business, drive positive customer outcomes, enable secure workspaces, and boost productivity.

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Metaphor IT, Citrix & Tech Data: A Case Study

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