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Transform virtualisation infrastructure into a modern digital workspace with Citrix Transition and Trade-Up (TTU) and Tech Data. From exploring your customers’ needs to proposing targeted solutions, the innovative concept of TTU harnesses flexibility and accelerates growth.

What is TTU?


Moving current on-premises licenses to the cloud version of the same product edition.


Exchanging current on-premises licenses or cloud subscriptions to a new product or a more advanced product edition.

Transition & Trade-Up (TTU)

A combination of the two. Moving current on-premises licenses to the cloud and exchanging them for a more advanced product edition.
Transitioning and trading up customer services and equipment is an exciting time for any reseller. But with increasingly diverse options available, how can you be sure you’re offering your customers the right solution?

Learn how to make the most of upcoming renewals, understand options for customers at the point of renewal, and discover how to identify upgrade opportunities with our Citrix Transition and Trade-Up on-demand webinar.

Get hands-on with TTU

From financial incentives and discounted licenses, to always-on security and hybrid cloud flexibility, TTU provides a myriad of clear benefits for your customers. But how can you help them to get the ball rolling?

This is where Citrix TTU and Tech Data can help, not only by enabling the switch to the cloud, but also in understanding the concept and proving the benefits of TTU to your customers. Did you know that Tech Data host interactive TTU workshops to help with comprehension and concept delivery for yourself and your customers?

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The Era of Hyper-Innovation

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