Introduce your customers to an optimal user experience with Citrix application delivery and security solutions.

Designed to empower the performance of business-critical applications, Citrix application delivery and security solutions are centred around advanced WAN and a comprehensive application delivery controller.
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Are your customers looking for flawless performance and full visibility of their applications?

As organisations continue to transition to a mixture of web, SaaS, legacy virtual and modern cloud-native apps, traditional service providers are struggling to meet customer expectations in regards to security, visibility and administration. With Citrix application delivery and security solutions, application management is simplified and the user experience remains the same, no matter where they are or what type of apps they’re using.

Citrix Application Delivery Solutions

  • Holistic visibility into app environments
  • Robust load balancing
  • Flexible WAN edge features
  • Fast, accurate user experience
  • Optimised app performance

Citrix Application Security Solutions

  • Effective protection of apps and APIs
  • Integrated web application firewall (WAF)
  • Volumetric distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection
  • Bot management
  • Single pane of glass automation

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