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Deliver performance and security to your customer's IT environment, with scalable and cost-efficient switches from Cisco.

Why you should sell switches from Cisco

Deliver a digital-ready network foundation that's simple, automated and secure. You can transform your customer’s data centres with switches that enforce security, accelerate services and simplify operations.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by delivering secure and reliable switches for your customer's applications. Work with Tech Data and Cisco to strengthen your customer’s data centre security, introduce scalability without compromise and meet regulatory compliance.

So what are Cisco's switches?

Access switches
Simplify your customer's data centre network to accelerate their business growth and improve efficiency. With wired and wireless convergence, these switches help your customers to scale up, protect their data centre and improve reliability. Support your customer's application deployments across mobile, data centres and the cloud.

LAN Core switches
Give your customers uncompromised scale and services when it comes to their network. Help them to create a solid foundation for their data centre, built on scalability and simplicity so they can easily meet their business challenges. Give them the confidence of high performance and operational continuity with the right LAN Core switches.

Data centre switches
Your customers compete in the era of innovation, but it doesn't come without security risks. Switches from Cisco fuel the performance, efficiency and simplicity of today's data centres, whether they are traditional or fully automated. Cisco's range of switches also give way to performance analytics, so your customers always have full visibility of performance and risk.

Virtual networking switches
Today's business IT environments are becoming increasingly virtualised and data centres need to support this virtualisation. With switches from Cisco, your customers can simplify virtual application deployments, scale for cloud networks and promote collaborations across server, network and security teams.

Small business switches
Business growth is crucial. With Cisco's switches, you can offer affordable solutions and the best model for their needs. From highly reliable and resilient switches suitable for today's applications and tomorrow's, to enhanced security needed to support business-class data and wireless services, Cisco switches have your customers covered.

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