The DNA of ASUS Education

The building blocks upon which great education is founded.

From pre-school to graduation

ASUS offer a comprehensive product portfolio to provide students of every age with the device that not only fits their current needs, but that actively encourages them to explore the limits of their imagination.

Essential learning features

Education is changing rapidly, but students still require minimal disruption in order to focus, so ASUS Education laptops offer numerous remote-learning features with an AI noise-cancelling technology, all in a variety of form factors to suit every learning style.

Classroom-ready reliability

In the classroom, learning from home, or in the rucks in between, ASUS laptops are engineered with military-grade durability and powerful performance to handle whatever the school day can throw at them.

Designed for easy maintenance

To minimise disruptions to learning and maximise uptime, ASUS Education laptops have a modular construction that means key components - including keyboard, battery, and thermal module and I/O ports - can be replaced in minutes with simple tools.

ASUS Solutions for Education

ASUS’s credentials in education extend beyond the building blocks, and are woven into the very fabric of every device.

Seamless Distance Learning

To accommodate the steep increase in learning at home, ASUS’s laptop solutions optimise video conferencing to enable the highest quality flexible learning, as well as prevent students from excessive screen time.

Education Safety

In addition to ASUS devices’ high physical durability and ability to withstand knocks, spills, and drops, each laptop features multiple layers of security to protect the device, network, and user from online threats.

IT Support Empowerment

IT administrators are empowered to achieve their tasks quickly and easily, with ASUS devices designed for simple deployment, quick onsite servicing, and reduced downtime.

STEAM Education

Students can unleash their creativity, whether with AI learning, 3D animation, programming, or more thanks to ASUS’s high-performing devices with the latest technology and certifications.

Meet the ranges


Education is no longer solely restricted to the classroom, so neither is the ASUS ExpertBook range. Built with take-anywhere mobility, made-to-carry lightness, engineered to deliver next-gen power, and made with military-grade toughness.

Wherever students need immense capability and flexibility, ASUS ExpertBook laptops are designed to be there.

For those in charge of the budget, ExpertBook laptops provide the high performance without the high price, coming fully equipped with easy configuration and business-grade security.
  • Up to 15” FHD NanoEdge Display
  • Up to 11th Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Comprehensive I/O Ports
  • Next-level AI noise-cancelling audio technology
  • Business-level durability and security


As devices that run on Chrome OS, the ASUS Chromebook range is user-agnostic, making them perfect for in-classroom use. Students simply pick up a device from the rack, log in, and all their work, apps, and settings are there, just as they left them on another Chromebook the day before.

Speed, simplicity, and security are the key ingredients of ASUS Chromebooks. Delivering all day battery life, super fast boot-ups, and built-in security that is regularly and effortlessly updated remotely, they are the perfect choice for busy IT administration teams.
  • Available in a range of form factors, including laptop-style, flip book, and detachable 2-in-1.
  • Chrome OS
  • Up to 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • Up to 12 hours battery life
  • Touchscreen options available

Why Tech Data for ASUS

Here at Tech Data, we mirror ASUS’s passion for technology by providing partners with access to a host of value-added services to grow their business, increase their profits, lower their costs, and drive their customers’ satisfaction.

Our dedicated ASUS Business Manager is aligned and ready to support all your education opportunities, and our fantastic relationship with ASUS enables us to provide a holistic approach to selling. We offer flexible stock holding, speedy response times, as well as always making it simple and easy to request special pricing to get that all important deal across the line.

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