Building up cybersecurity expertise means your business will always have plenty of opportunities

The world simply doesn’t have enough cybersecurity experts! In 2018, 60% of organisation experienced some sort of breach. The global security workforce needs to increase by a staggering 145% to cope with a surge in hiring demand. Commentators report zero unemployment in the cybersecurity industry.
Good cybersecurity relies on having the right knowledge and tools across all these sub-disciplines:

Certified technical training

Tech Data’s Academy team offers vendor approved technical training to suit your preferred learning style.

Sales training

Tech Data’s Channel Academy team offers high level training around the IT portfolios from leading IT vendors.

Cyber Range

Test and sharpen your cyber skills in a safe simulated environment.

Digital Cybersecurity Practice Builder

Cybersecurity is an essential consideration for nearly every IT project or solution. As such, it is becoming increasingly important for technology providers to be able to hold credible conversations with customers around the best ways to weave cybersecurity into the solutions and services they provide. If you are a partner looking to build cybersecurity expertise or develop a cybersecurity offering in your portfolio, check out Tech Data’s Digital Cybersecurity Practice Builder. It contains all the information you need to build a successful business model, broken down into seven easily digestible sprints. With over 30 hours of videos, plus papers and templates, you can complete everything online, in your own time at your own pace. The programme is free for Tech Data’s partners.

Accelerate Programme

The Accelerate Programme is about helping you build up specialist knowledge and expertise around a particular technology vendor or their product suite. The Accelerate Programme gives you access to key resources, tools and contacts. By completing the programme, you can position yourself as a specialist everyone goes to.