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As we transition further into a hybrid working world, staying connected has never been more important. With workers relying on mobile devices to bring information right to their fingertips, precautions must be put in place to keep data secure. These days, just one lost or stolen phone could cause a major incident that can have a lasting impact on both a business’ reputation and wallet.

Whilst security breaches can be devastating for any organisation, it’s SMBs that often fare the worst, as they are less able to absorb resulting costs. According to a survey released by the National Cyber Security Alliance, 10% of SMBs filed for bankruptcy and 25% went out of business following a breach.*

80 Percent

of Android work devices are not actively managed by an EMM or MDM solution, partly as for most SMBs these solutions are too complex or expensive. This means that there is a sizeable opportunity to protect work devices with a solution that provides simple, affordable mobile security
Android Enterprise Essentials is a light, lean mobile security service that offers critical security at an affordable price. Built by the Android team at Google, Essentials does the hard work of securing your data for you, offering enterprise-level protection without the added complexity or cost. With devices that come protected straight out of the box, it makes securing and managing your mobile workforce a breeze.
Benefits of Android Enterprise Essentials

Always-On Security

Key security features – such as screen lock enforcement, mandatory malware scanning, and side-loading app prevention - are activated by default and can’t be turned off by employees.

Easy, Remote Setup

Essentials is applied to devices automatically out of the box via Android zero-touch. There's no manual set up required and employees can get working immediately and securely.

Simple Crisis Management

Businesses can remotely wipe devices and reset screen locks in the event of a theft or loss, so important data always stays protected.

A Small Investment for a Big Reward

Designed to make quality security accessible for SMBs, Essentials can also serve as a useful starting point for customers looking to test out simple management, with a view to potentially upgrading in the future.

Tech Data has made this solution easy to procure, consume and deploy by introducing an Android zero-touch portal. This system enables you to

Enrol and remove an unlimited number of users in minutes

Deploy subscriptions instantly

Self-serve at any time

Manage pay-as-you-go billing

Investing in mobile security doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavour. Android Enterprise Essentials from Google equips customers with the right tools to ensure that constant, vital protection is always in place