The ‘meetings’ marketplace

There is an estimated 1.06 million meeting rooms in the UK alone. Nearly half of those are small meeting rooms, while another 35% fall under the category ‘medium’. This vast number of meeting rooms present an enormous opportunity to sell the Barco portfolio.

About 35% of meeting rooms can be found in small to medium enterprises, however nearly half of the small meeting rooms within this segment create an opportunity to sell entry-level ClickShare units as an accessory or upgrade to large format screens that your customers already have installed.
  • Accommodation (hotels): 150K meeting rooms
  • Wholesale & retail: 136K meeting rooms
  • Admin: 85K meeting rooms
  • Manufacturing: 75K meeting rooms
  • Professional services : 70K meeting rooms

Sharing your content, your way

Whatever the size of your customers’ meeting spaces, there’s a Barco Clickshare solution to match. From huddle spaces to conference rooms, all Barco ClickShares can be centrally managed, have configurable security options, and application enable sharing.

Sharing is simple
  • 1. Enter a Barco enabled modern workspace
  • 2. Attach the Barco ClickShare unit to your device, or open the ClickShare app
  • 3. Click once and you’re sharing
As a cross-platform solution, users can share content quickly and directly from any device, keeping meetings flexible, mobile, and instant.

Sharing that’s intuitive and fool proof

Help your customers stay mobile, be dynamic, and grow.

There’s no need for cable cluttered meeting rooms or fiddly AV infrastructure. Simply plug, click and share.

The simple, intuitive nature of ClickShare means there’s no training required, and the risk of error is minimal. Free up your customers’ IT departments time and resource, allowing them to reinvest in further related technologies.

Quality married to simplicity

Depending on the model, ClickShare can connect 8-64 users, with up to 8 users on screen simultaneously.

Deliver a simple, cost-effective solution to creating modern collaborative workplaces for your customers with Barco ClickShare. Don’t let meeting room technology get in the way, make it be the way.
  • Shares through HDMI
  • Integrates seamlessly with IT networks
  • Provides a single user experience in all meeting rooms
  • Perfectly synchronised video and audio performance
  • Keeps sharing and collaboration secure

Why Maverick AV Solutions for Barco?

When it comes to providing your customers with a modern collaborative workplaces from Barco, Maverick AV Solutions have all you need to create a great offering.
  • Tech-as-a-Service allow customers to spread the cost of their ClickShare solution, while providing partners with a reliable, recurring revenue stream.
  • Discover Tech Data’s bespoke trade in programme. It simplifies equipment trade ins, enabling customers to get their hands on new equipment easier, and partners to uncover more profit.
  • Installation and configuration of Barco equipment on demand for fast customer set ups.
  • Full range of support services, as well as access to training and partner services.
  • Demo stock and proof of concept resources available to help partners win more business.