Smart Meetings

Workplace dynamics are rapidly changing. The key to satisfying and supporting your customers through the shift to flexible and remote working is providing seamless meeting experiences that create no penalty to remote participants. As an intrinsic part of the Tech Data ecosystem, Maverick AV Solutions, are able to offer the very latest products, supported by our range of exclusive value-add services, creating unique, holistic smart meeting solutions.



Smart Signage

With smart signage, your customers can go beyond simple information giving. Instead, they’re able to use signage as an active element within their environments.

Smart signage is about realtime, two-way data; it’s a vehicle for more compelling interactions between businesses and their clientele.

Whatever you current smart signage capabilities, Maverick AV Solutions are here to help you create the perfect fit for your customers.


Smart Learning

Smart learning extends the conversation with education providers from ensuring every teacher and student has a screen and computer, to equipping them with deeply collaborative tools and platforms that enable learning everywhere, while also deepening the learning experience.

Maverick AV Solutions work with the leading providers to aid you in supplying compelling smart learning offerings to your customers, and increasing your opportunities.


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