What is Multivendor Maintenance?

MVM helps you and your customers to combine support of multiple OEM hardware and software (and in some cases with enhanced premium services) into a single solution, which in turn will help simplify contract management while improving ROI and even extending the life cycle of your customer’s mission-critical equipment.

Your customers can benefit from leading-edge intuitive technology (e.g. IBM Watson) to service and maintain their IT environments. Requests that can be will be fulfilled using pre-approved pricing tools that provide a quick, easy, and competitive quotes. Orders that are placed can be fulfilled via bespoke online Tech Data processes that avoid the need for paper contracts and ‘wet ink’ signatures.

OEM-backed support

These are fully compliant services that are in partnership with the OEM. Access to firmware, software and patches are available when required. These are zero risk alternatives to the OEM’s own support offerings

Premium 3rd Party Support

These are the next best alternative to OEM compliant offerings. They come with customised (licenced) 3rd party software that mirrors the functionality of OEM proprietary software for things like; Remote Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics, and Dial Home. A software “how to” helpdesk is also a feature of these offerings. However, they are not in collaboration with the OEM (i.e. no firmware, software and patches) so a good understanding of customer requirements and early technical pre-sales engagements are strongly recommended

Standard 3rd Party Support

These are lifecycle-based maintenance offerings that help customers extend the life of their IT investments. They’re pre-priced offerings with virtually no configuration data required. They are not in collaboration with the OEM (i.e. no firmware, software and patches)

How do you sell Multivendor Maintenance?

Why Tech Data MVM - Powered by IBM®

Tech Data are in a unique contracted agreement with IBM to resell their multivendor services using bespoke pricing tools and contracting methods. This enhances the Tech Data customer experience with speed, flexibility, and agility in all transactions.

IBM offers a way for customers to have the benefits of an OEM Service from IBM across many vendors for networking, server and storage. With the benefits of reduced costs, single supplier offering with increased availability and accountability.

IBM has broad product know how, due to worldwide support capabilities expertise in-house and in partnership with the best of breed suppliers in the market. IBM has more than 30 years’ experience successfully supporting multivendor products.

OEM-backed services are zero risk alternatives to the OEM’s own support offerings. While 3rd Party services are designed to offer support alternatives once products are post-warranty and come with calculated risks vs significant cost savings. Under the terms of Tech Data’s agreement with IBM an ‘Auto Entitlement’ clause is in place to capture inventory oversights and help further minimise risk by reducing system downtime to an absolute minimum.