Credit Elevator

Credit Elevator makes it incredibly easy for you to grow your sales without the need to apply for extra credit or provide additional guarantees. Existing and new partners who utilise 75% of their current credit line and pay on 30-day terms by direct debit can grow their credit line from £5k to £1 million in just 12 months.

Deed of Assignment

Deed of assignment is a finance enablement tool that provides Tech Data with the confidence to extend higher than normal credit facilities. It works by asking you, the partner, to invoice you end user as normal, but rather than the end user paying you, they pay Tech Data directly, and we pass your margin back to you.

End User Billing

End user billing is a method of financing an order for low risk or blue-chip customers. The process involves following simple steps; you invoice your customer, the customer in question makes payment directly to Tech Data and on receipt of payment, Tech Data pass your margin back to you.

Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS)

TaaS allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your customers. Give them access to the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets, and simplify their bill through a low-cost, monthly or quarterly Tech-as-a-Service subscription plan.



Discover Tech Data’s bespoke device trade in programme; it takes the complexity out of trading in devices, delivering a better customer experience while enabling resellers, retailers, dealers and operators to uncover more profit.