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Ways to deliver real value

We have different ways to help you deliver real value to your customers. Our pre-approved Public Sector deals and framework pricing are refreshed regularly to give you the best value in the market. You can view all of our current discounts below by division:

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As we once again approach the end of the year on 5th April, public sector budget-holders will once again be thinking about utilising their budgets in the best way possible. For suppliers of IT solutions, it’s a window of opportunity. This guide will help you to understand the current priorities in the public sector and how Tech Data and its vendor partners can help you to address and exploit the opportunities.


Bid Support Tool

Our special bid support tool can assist you with competitive pricing requests, simply let us know your account, company details and products you wish to bid for to submit a request. Visit our bid portal on InTouch:

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Independently-issued ISO qualifications and other accreditations are widely recognised and can be useful in marking you out as a credible and trustworthy supplier for the public sector. Often stipulated in public sector frameworks and invitations to tender (ITTs), being accredited with the appropriate mark can qualify you to apply, rather than exclude you at the first hurdle.

We can provide you with information and support in becoming accredited for, or conforming to, any of the standards below:


Being ISO 9001 certified marks you out as a business that provides customers with consistent, good-quality products and services. The certification is based on a number of quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, leadership, defined processes, and continual improvement. To qualify, you must be assessed by a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited auditor.

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Showing that you operate in an environmentally conscious and friendly way is increasingly important in the public sector. ISO 14001 maps out a framework for effective environmental management systems that identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues. It provides assurance to suppliers – and to management, employees and external stakeholders – that the impact is being measured and improved. 

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ISO/IEC 27001 identifies your business as following best practice and having a systematic and effective information security management system (SMS) that protects and secures sensitive information. It covers risk management of people and processes as well as IT systems. To qualify, you must be assessed by an independent auditor.  

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Occupational Health and Safety Management

This international occupational health and safety management system specification (OHSAS 18001) was created by a group of leading standards and certification bodies, as well as specialist consultancies. The aim is to minimise risk to employees and businesses and improve on existing health and safety systems, demonstrate diligence and minimise risk. 

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Virtual Environment

A great way to open a conversation with your customers about the general needs across the public sector, and show them all of the product options available to them along with the best use within the classroom environment.

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