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Health, a vitally
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Health is a vitally important and emotive subject – and one that we are all directly aware of at every stage of our lives. Necessarily, the health service is multi-faceted and encompasses everything from local pharmacies, GP surgeries and dental practices, to hospitals and NHS Trusts. 


As we once again approach the end of the year on 5th April, public sector budget-holders will once again be thinking about utilising their budgets in the best way possible. For suppliers of IT solutions, it’s a window of opportunity. This guide will help you to understand the current priorities in the public sector and how Tech Data and its vendor partners can help you to address and exploit the opportunities.


Help to improve outcomes
for patients

The growing demands and strains that are being placed on the service are well-documented. Technology has long been hailed as part of the solution; as something that can both help to improve outcomes for patients, and as a way of driving down costs and achieving the £22 billion of productivity improvements by 2020/21 that is has been said are needed.

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Embracing new technology to deliver better outcomes

As it faces the considerable challenges of an ageing population increasing costs, the healthcare sector is embracing more leading-edge technologies and devices. The aim is not only to create a more integrated and efficient NHS, but also to change the approach and attitude we take to health.

“The NHS will need to deliver £22 billion
of productivity improvements by 
2020 / 2021.”

- The Kings Fund 

New ways of interacting with patients are being explored, with mobility and the cloud remaining areas of focus for technology adoption:

Key technologies such as smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are essential for major initiatives such as electronic patient records management and other efficiency drives that aim to improve the healthcare industry.

A connected digital experience that starts the moment the patient checks in and ends the moment they are discharged, can increase clinical efficiency to benefit both patients and staff.

Electronic patient records can hold information on test results and diagnosis, prescriptions are able to be sent through digitally and post-care plans detailed. This type of working also helps to push the industry towards a paperless NHS.

Mobile devices can help clinician’s better co-ordinate for chronic diseases. Tracking and monitoring software allows physicians to conduct cardiac and vascular monitoring, as well as remote diabetes monitoring and management. Personalised tracking can be used to enable physicians to provide tailored treatment plans. 

The future vision of the health sector has a large role for IT to play. The use of mobile technologies for remote diagnosis and consultation, along with wearable products to monitor patients are examples of practices that could deliver huge benefits and cost savings. This gives resellers a great opportunity to engage with the sector and offer services to help in the achievement of their goals.

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