A continuous opportunity


The education market is an enormous opportunity for IT suppliers. Technology has become essential to every classroom at every stage of learning. The fervour and enthusiasm for computers and technology in education is crystal clear. This is a market that wants to make use of the latest and the best technologies and solutions available.



As we once again approach the end of the year on 5th April, public sector budget-holders will once again be thinking about utilising their budgets in the best way possible. For suppliers of IT solutions, it’s a window of opportunity. This guide will help you to understand the current priorities in the public sector and how Tech Data and its vendor partners can help you to address and exploit the opportunities.


A better outcome for students and society

Education has a clear aim– a better outcome for students and society. While the emphasis is on interactivity and creativity, and improving learning experiences for pupils and students, every solution must take schools and colleges closer to their goal, by enhancing learning or by driving efficiency. Budgets are likely to remain under pressure in education, as they are in other areas of the public sector.  But technology is now so essential to learning, and streamlining activity, so spending on hardware and software and service will continue to increase. 

Specialist Solutions

The IT industry has been responding to the eagerness for technology in schools and there is a very clear and specialist focus on their needs now and an incredible array of specialist solutions are available. These range from simple notebooks and tablets that are adapted to use in the classroom, to interactive whiteboards and specialist audiovisual equipment, to sophisticated workstations and advanced developmental and creative tools that make use advanced analytics, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.

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New ideas and potential

Like other sectors, education is being transformed by at multiple levels. Mobile devices and the proliferation of Wi-Fi and the use of cloud-based services, make it easier for students to access and use learning resources and interact with educators. Technologies such as 3D printing and IoT are bringing new ideas and potential to the sector.

Tech-as-a-Service for Education

Save up to 30% on total cost of ownership of hardware and software solutions, and take comfort in being fully compliant with UK State Education Legislation. Implementations are faster and ultimately more effective, and with a single contract, you will have all of your technology under one agreement – just like mobile phones, printers and IT infrastructure. 

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For students, teachers and administrators the possibilities are endless. Schools and colleges are embracing specialist and emerging solutions with vigour. They also have a need to run as efficiently as possible and want to make use of the latest modern workplace solutions just as much as any other organisation. 

As such, for every reseller and supplier organisation, education represents a huge and continuous opportunity.

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A great way to open a conversation with your customers about the general needs across the public sector, and show them all of the product options available to them along with the best use within the classroom environment.

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