Why choose Apple for Education?

All too often, students enter a classroom that bears no resemblance to the world they experience outside of school. In classes they are told things, but outside they find the information they need from wherever they choose at the touch of a button.

Outdated textbooks allow no interaction or questioning from pupils, whereas technology encourages nothing but. So how can students hope to get the best education and preparation for the real world when existing educational methods just can’t keep up?

With increasingly stretched budgets, schools and educators need to be smart about how they allocate their resources. It is simply no longer reasonable, nor economically-viable to purchase large quantities of textbooks and stationery with limited shelf lives; the need to replace them frequently is too great.

The answer lies in investing in smarter, more interactive, and more flexible tech-based solutions. Bringing real-world technology into the classroom provides near limitless possibilities for enhanced learning for pupils of all ages, at all stages of learning. This technology prepares them fully for their digital future - and is most importantly - for school budgets, hugely cost-effective.

Apple is a pioneer in tech-aided learning, particularly where iPad is concerned. Its intuitive user interface, durable aluminium unibody construction, and incredible versatility have made it the go-to choice for providing pupils and teachers alike with the technology they need to deliver a fully immersive educational experience.

Apple has an unparalleled range of apps designed specifically for all levels of education, with nearly 200,000 available in the App Store for use across the full product range. It’s a list that grows daily as pupils are able to create their own apps, showcasing their creativity and enhancing their learning. Teachers can get in on the action too, creating their own iBooks for pupils, and then sharing and collaborating with others using Apple Teacher Learning Centre, a professional learning journey in itself.

The hardware itself needn’t be a limiting factor either; iPad, iMac and MacBook come with a wide range of specifications to suit your customers’ needs, and all are enhanced by the availability of licensed third-party accessories and add-ons.

Apple’s support and protection plan, AppleCare, offers a valuable upsell opportunity for you, the reseller, and provides peace of mind to customers for whom product choice and lifespan is crucial.

The only limit to creativity and learning is a child’s imagination, and with Apple for Education, that limit is becoming a thing of the past.

Create opportunities with new customers in new markets by positioning Apple products as an education solution.

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