The Smart Campus – The Evolution of Higher Education

The Tech Data Aruba team recently hosted a discussion with Dr Andrew Hirst from Sheffield Hallam University, the team discussed the digitisation happening in today’s modern world and how this drives and shapes the Smart Campuses of the future.

During the conversation Dr.Hirst addressed three key challenges that they are facing during the pandemic.

  1. Infrastructure - current and future 
  2. Student Experience - how will solutions drive better student experience
  3. Business Engagement - particularly with local companies 

How can technology enable our institutions to address these key areas? There are often a number of technologies to choose from when creating a smart campus, but it is important to first understand the benefits you are wanting to achieve. Other aspects to consider can include the utilisation of current infrastructure e.g. Access Points (APs) and how they can play a huge part in increasing the speed of deployment.

One topic of discussion is about how the Internet of Things (IoT) can bring real time air quality and occupancy monitoring to today’s campuses, to create that safe and healthy environment we all require now. This is not only true for University buildings, but also student accommodation, particularly flats often occupied by first year students or those that live on campus.

Join the team as we debate and gain insight into things that will never quite be the same as they were, and how the modern Campus is evolving to meet the needs of the new normal.

Victoria Davis, Aruba business manager, Tech Data, said: “Organisations will already be preparing for the new challenges that face them as staff/ faculty return to the workplace/ Campus’. The combined Aruba, EnOcean and IAConnects solution enables them to address several areas that are key to keeping staff and guests safe and productive. This will be a great way for partners to add value, get closer to their customers, and take their first step into the world of IoT and analytics.”

Partners will be able to call on the expertise of the Tech Data’s specialist teams for support throughout the sales lifecycle and the installation and testing process. The Aruba-EnOcean- IAConnects offering is one of several pre-defined workplace safety and productivity solutions, that have been brought together by Tech Data.

The team:

Dr. Andrew Hirst - Senior Lecturer and Digital Evangelist at Sheffield Hallam University
Peter Smith - Head of Sales and Marketing at IAconnects Technology Ltd
Alex Tucker - Public Sector Sales Manager at Aruba
Elliet Hall-Jones – Head of IoT and Data at Tech Data 
Victoria Davis - Aruba Business Manager at Tech Data 
Kenton Turner – CTO at BDP Zenith

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