Power a modern IT architecture with Dell and Windows 10 from Tech Data

Power a modern IT architecture with Dell and Windows 10 from Tech Data

With Windows 7 coming to its end of support cycle by January 14, 2020, the time is right for your customers to assess their current IT architecture, and determine whether it is capable of driving their future growth, or whether it is in fact holding them back.

If the latter is the case, there is a huge opportunity for you, the reseller, to encourage your customers to make the shift, and upgrade both their hardware and operating system, and create a truly modern workplace.

Computing Workloads Are Evolving, Requiring Businesses To Adapt

The performance gap between existing hardware solutions and new, innovative ones is becoming more apparent as workloads increaseat pace . The manipulation of ever larger data sets, the rise of emerging technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, along with the production and consumption of 4K and 3D graphics make high performing hardware more crucial to business success than ever before.

A majority of respondents to a Forrester report indicate that updated, modern hardware, including laptops, desktops, and convertibles, are crucial in allowing staff to be successful in their jobs, yet 60% also state their companies use hardware that is 3+ years old. [1]

Businesses attempting to run new, increasingly complex applications on legacy technology often has a detrimental effect on worker productivity and efficiency, primarily due to performance issues.

The opportunity for you, the reseller, then, lies in the gap between these two sentiments — the recognition of the exceptional importance of up-to-date technology and the continued use of legacy hardware and operating systems. Upgrade your customers to the latest Dell hardware combined with Windows 10 and show them the value of having equipment that matches their ambition.

Professionals choose Dell with Windows 10

Dell’s range of hardware solutions running on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro, is designed to meet the challenge of increasing workloads head on. They are created, tested and certified hand-in-hand with professional applications, ensuring they deliver where it matters to the professionals who use them. Offering real-world durability and engineered with best-in-class technology, Dell platforms with Windows 10 are made to exceed.

Windows 10 is built for business

Having the right hardware is a great step towards having the right IT solution. Having the right OS completes the journey.

Windows 10 and Windows 10 Pro have been designed to allow business to thrive. They provide users with the latest security, features, and enhancements that make the most out of new Dell hardware. Aligning Dell hardware with the Windows 10 OS is a powerful combination, and it’s one on which your customers can depend.

By encouraging your customers to upgrade to Dell with Windows 10, you maximise your sales potential, and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

The benefits to your customers of upgrading to the latest hardware and OS simultaneously include:
•    Increased productivity through efficiency gains
•    Improved suitably of hardware form factors
•    More positive employee experience and talent retention

Making budget no obstacle

Forrester’s report noted that 41% of respondents saw a lack of budget as inhibiting upgrading their equipment [2], but this needn’t be a problem thanks to Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service programme. Tech-as-a-Service enables you, the reseller to bundle together your customers’ hardware, software and services into a single contract that forms a monthly subscription plan.

It removes the need for large upfront investment from customers, and provides you with a reliable recurring revenue stream. In addition, your customers will be able to upgrade more often and more easily, as well as add additional services and products as and when they choose.

To find out more information contact the Dell Technologies team at Tech Data:

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[1] and [2] Forrester, ‘The Value of Modern Workstations to Professional Creators.’