Offer Apple for Business from Tech Data

The best tools for business get technology out of the way, put humans at the forefront, and provide a user experience that is intuitive, productive, and enjoyable.

Apple create everything with this in mind. They know that creatives, problem-solvers, and innovators want tools at work that are as powerful, personal, and simple as those they use in their everyday lives. By infusing Apple products with these qualities as standard, Apple help businesses deliver exceptional results, more quickly.

The advantages of Apple for Business are many

  • Intuitive User Experience – Apple products are intuitive and easy to use. Users are able to navigate with familiar actions and gestures, with no relearning needed, as apps work seamlessly across devices.
  • Enterprise-grade Security – Apple encrypt information at the system level, wherever and whenever, in order to protect corporate data. Regular security updates for iOS and macOS ensure protection against emerging security threats, with a 65% adoption rate of the latest release. That’s a much higher figure than competitor platforms.
  • Compatible with Existing Systems – Designed to work seamlessly with the rest of customers’ infrastructure services including Microsoft Exchange for email and calendars, wireless networks and VPN solutions, Apple products allow productivity without needing to purchase additional software.
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage – Thanks to Zero-touch deployment, your customers’ IT departments needn’t handle each device individually in order to set them up. For corporate-owned devices enrolled into mobile device management solutions, it’s as easy as employees unboxing devices and turning them on.
  • Cost-Effective and Simple to Support – Apple products benefit from a lower total cost of ownership due to their exceptional hardware reliability and regular software updates, lightening the workload for IT departments. What’s more, AppleCare provides unlimited support for the rare instance something goes wrong.
  • Best Platform for Apps – With more than 235,000 business apps, Apple mean business. App developers can easily create highly specialised, personal apps for businesses of any size, and provide the most integrated, best possible user experience. Whatever your customers’ needs, there’s an app for that.

Expand your portfolio with Apple and offer your customers a truly premium way of doing business. 

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