Leverage Tech Data and Cisco’s services to help your customers become more connected

The role of an IT manager is not an enviable one. In today’s digital world, system failures need to be avoided at all costs and the buck stops, quite literally with IT. Which is why Cisco SMARTnet is, as the name suggests - a smart purchase for any end user, large or small.

In fact, Forrester’s TEI study found that SMARTnet Total Care reduces the length of outages by a whopping 75%.  It does this through its award winning technical support service that gives IT staff direct, anytime access to Cisco engineers and Cisco.com resources. 

We all understand why Cisco SMARTnet is necessary for any network, but how is selling it beneficial for the reseller? 

Cisco SMARTnet and Tech Data can help you unlock more predictable revenue streams 

The Tech Data Momentum Programme is designed to help simplify the process and highlight opportunities for updates and renewals.  Our dedicated team of Cisco specialists will guide you through the many Cisco services available to help you stay on top of your customers’ contracts and renewals and stay ahead of the competition.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  1. Unlock Cisco customer reports to help you sell more 
    You can help your customers keep track of their Cisco products and licences by unlocking reports to show their entire Cisco inventory. All software updates come as part of the SMARTnet Total Care contract. Your customers just need to complete the Cisco consent form, Cisco will then unlock the report and Tech Data will help you to simplify the findings.  
  2. Contract Consolidation
    You can give them assurance that they will work with one partner and become their single point of call for all their future Cisco support and renewals. 
  3. Co-termination of contract end dates 
    You can now offer customers one contact and one end date for their entire install base.
  4. Accurate Pricing 
    We can advise you and help you with quotes and tenders to ensure that all pricing is accurate.
  5. Renewals
    We can help you mitigate risks for your customers and ensure that their install base is up-to-date, accurate and predictable.
  6. Product Migration 
    You can uncover LDOS through a mitigation path, helping your customers to budget for upcoming refresh opportunities. 
  7. Complete Adoption
    Revisit your key software sales to ensure the customer has adopted the full capability for their network.
  8. Cisco One with Subscription for Switch Models 
    Investment protection of software purchases through software services-enabled license portability and flexible licensing models. 
  9. Discounted Product 
    Maximise the 3 and 5-year promotion on all kit installed in EMEA.
  10. Cisco Refresh 
    Cisco Refresh can be a bridge to new technologies while maintaining and evolving current architectures.
  11. Cisco Capital 
    Cisco Capital supports the customer financially through a suite of innovative, pay-as-you-grow solutions. 

As Cisco moves to a more software lead business model, Tech Data – your Trusted Advisor will help you secure incremental business through your existing customer base, whilst expanding your opportunities across the Cisco portfolio.

To find out more and book a meeting with Stacey Garrett – Practice Lead, Annuity Business, please contact ukciscoservices@techdata.com quoting reference #ASAP.