Five reasons to choose Dell EMC servers

Five reasons to choose Dell EMC servers

Data management, processing, and security is central to any business. Data is what drives the innovations and insights that deliver growth, which is why businesses of all sizes need server solutions that perform, and that they can rely on.

Dell EMC provide the market leading enterprise servers, designed to cope with the toughest data tasks, for businesses in any industry. Here’s five reasons you should be offering Dell EMC servers to your customers:

  1. Scalable Business Architecture – Dell EMC servers are designed to grow as your customers’ businesses grow. Dell EMC’s approach, kinetic infrastructure, can be disaggregated, and re-aggregated, as workload demands change. It frees up underutilised components, enabling better, more efficient use of the ones that are utilised. The ability to add resources when required avoids the need to continually reconfigure systems or replace them.
  2. Intelligent Automation – The entire lifecycle of Dell EMC servers can be automated, from deployment to retirement, using embedded intelligence. It frees up IT time and resource to be deployed elsewhere, significantly improving the efficiency and productivity of server-based operations.
  3. Integrated Security – With data the most important asset a business can have, it’s crucial that it’s never compromised. Dell EMC servers have defence built into the hardware and firmware of each and every server. What’s more, the servers can be managed from a single, centralised platform in OpenManage, enabling greater control.
  4. Wide Choice – Dell EMC’s extensive range of server options caters for businesses of all sizes, and across all industries. Whether your customers require 1-socket, 2-socket, rack, tower, or hybrid servers, there’s a Dell EMC solution to suit. Dell EMC’s modular infrastructure  portfolio enables further customisation for those businesses wishing to combine various options.
  5. Unmatched Capability – When it comes to performance, Dell EMC servers are designed to deliver. Capable of providing up to 20.8x faster queries [1], and 41% more transactions per second [2], Dell EMC servers ensure your customers stay ahead of the competition, and get on with driving insights and growth.

When offering Dell EMC through partnering with Tech Data, you’ll combine world-class server hardware and management solutions with the full range of Tech Data support and marketing services. Our services are designed to maximise your Dell EMC offering, by lowering costs and increasing your profits.

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