Why Windows 365 and Surface are the best pairing!



Regardless of any global pandemic the way we work has been evolving! However, it’s clear the pandemic has sped up this evolution. Even more people are working remotely than ever before and regardless of what our IT managers want we’re all going to use our own devices from time to time. In my case it’s because my tablet is so much lighter and easier to transport than my laptop. Having a hosted desktop means I can use any device to access the exact same desktop experience I had in my office and achieve the same level of productivity regardless of my location.

Windows 365 is a seat-based offer from Microsoft paid for per user per month. Microsoft have done the hard work to set up the environment for you so as long as you don’t need too much by way of customisation Windows 365 is perfect. If you do want more granular control to set up and manage the virtual desktop environment Azure Virtual Desktop is probably best for you.

According to a recent poll 73% of workers say they want flexible working however 67% of those surveyed also said they wanted more in-person collaboration! That’s quite the paradox but totally achievable with modern technology and modern working philosophies. I certainly want to go and collaborate face to face but I don’t want to go back the a world where the expectation is you have to be in the office to be working properly! I want the option to work remotely and come in to an office when in person collaboration is required. Having the best of both. Yes, that’s right I want to have my cake and eat it! And I’m not alone in this either! 40% of employees are now actively looking for jobs with a more flexible, hybrid working environment.

If you combine Windows 365 with a Surface devices you’ll have an even better experience! It makes sense that using Microsoft products together will give you the best performance, security and overall experience as they we designed for each other.

This includes productivity as Surface devices comes with features such as Touchscreen, Windows Hello Security and LTE enabled devices, which coupled with Microsoft 365 applications gives the user best in class working experience as many of these feature have been designed to work on Windows 10/11 devices.

The new Surface blade, within the Microsoft 365 admin center, allows IT to give users the ability to self-serve when it comes to getting support and empowering users to move from a fixed binary solution to a fluid working environment.

With Windows 365 on Surface you give users flexible device form factors with productive experiences in a secure environment no matter where they’re working from with all day battery life and fast charging. And by using a Surface device you have the flexibility to use online or on-device functionality because put simply, certain things run better online and others run better on the device itself giving you the best of both worlds in a fully secured environment.

Security of devices and data is a huge concern to every business. Cyber-attacks are on the rise and this has demonstrated the need to ensure we’re all playing our part to ensure the correct security is in place and users are aware and trained to help protect their business from attack. When it comes to security Surface has a suite of embedded security controls that are native to every Surface device so it’s a win-win for the user and the IT team.

So your Cloud desktop is charged on a per user payment model paid monthly or annually depending on your requirements and you get your Microsoft 365 applications on a per user payment model too but how about the device? Devices can be a huge financial burden for business! What if there was a way to get your Surface devices on a month payment model too? Well, I have good news for you! It’s all possible with our Tech-as-a-Service hardware contracts that enable you to spread the cost if your IT hardware making it easier for you to get the devices you need.

So, why not empower your workforce to drive your business growth in a more fluid and dynamic way by giving them access to Windows 365 on a Surface device?

Looking to improve your meeting room experiences? Don’t forget Microsoft Surface Hub and Teams Room Systems to take that room to the next level and improve creativity, productivity and collaboration.