Three Reasons Your Customers Need Citrix Workspace with Intelligence

There is so much good news when it comes to Citrix (for a small sample, check out their blog) that the temptation is to try to share it all in one go. But I know that when you’re running a partner business you might not welcome 800 slides worth of information when a few key bullet points will do.

So, I’ve consciously taken some time to think about what topic would be the most useful to share. Based on what I’ve learned and conversations among the Tech Data Citrix team, Citrix Workspace intelligence stands out for its ability to create new customer conversations. As a team, we think it offers partners a relevant, valuable way to help customers explore the challenges that come with the shift towards app-based working.

App-solutely everywhere!

What started as a promise of apps unlocking productivity and speeding up collaboration has led to them popping up all over the place. Suddenly you’ve got dozens in use across your organisation (according to an Okta report the average is 112) and when that happens, things start to get a bit messy. So, in the spirit of simplicity, here’s three reasons why your customers will be interested in talking about Citrix Workspace intelligence.

1. Distraction is bad for business

You know how distracting it is when someone wanders up to your desk when you’re trying to get a critical piece of work done? App notifications have the same effect – during the average day, we get distracted and are forced to switch between apps, email, and messaging channels more than 400 times. This means that about every 40 seconds, our flow is being disrupted causing productivity to take a nosedive.

Citrix Workspace with intelligence creates a little oasis where users can access all their business apps — SaaS, web, Windows, Linux, desktops, and data – through a single pane of glass. This means they can get to the information they need without constantly switching between apps or having non-critical notifications interrupting their day.

2. Data all over the place

If you’ve ever spent ten minutes looking for that one important email, it won’t surprise you to hear that the average information worker spends nearly 20 percent of their working week looking for internal information or colleagues who can help. Some of this is a process issue – left to their own devices people will frequently file stuff indiscriminately or not at all. This led to IDC predicting that within two years, 75% of IT organisations will have undergone process transformation, impacting 90% of IT employees.

In the meantime, there is a simpler way. To counter the game of ‘hunt the data’, Citrix Workspace with intelligence has a universal search capability that allows users to look for information across all files and apps using simple keywords. Results returned will include app resources, SaaS apps, desktops, and files. With app and data sprawl a problem for all organisations, this functionality offers an immediate efficiency win.

3. Important vs urgent

According to research by RescueTime, we spend 40.1% of our day spent multitasking with communication tools. Being constantly connected makes it hard to differentiate between what’s important to get done vs what an app makes us think is urgent. And when not being pinged by a notification, we typically check our mobile devices every 6 minutes (based on some people I know, that report is being generous!). This presents a significant risk that employees could miss dealing with business-critical communications or tasks.

One thing that Citrix Workspace with intelligence does well here is provide virtual assistance. Accessed via the Workspace app or Microsoft Teams, it can be used to respond to commands such as, “Show all open high priority tickets” or, “What absences are pending my approval?”. The system then analyses these requests and responds based on data taken from across all back-end applications. The really smart thing is that it can even be used if you don’t know what back-end application processes the relevant request.

One team to support you

At Tech Data, the Citrix team are on hand to support you with everything Citrix-related. Whether it’s technical, commercial or helping you develop clear messages on how Citrix Workspace with intelligence could help your customers, there’s just one team to call. What could be simpler than that?