Offer HPE Nimble Storage exclusively with Tech Data




Tech Data becomes the exclusive UK distributor for HPE’s next-generation data storage

HPE believe they have captured more bits of data with their Nimble Infosight AI engine than there are stars in the universe. Whatever the exact figure, and let’s not forget, it’s increasing by the millisecond, it’s now far beyond what humans can ever hope to store and analyse by themselves. For this reason, now is the time of AI, and the shift away from rigid, siloed data storage.

HPE Nimble delivers supreme flexibility and scalability in data storage for businesses of any size, thanks to its design as a dedicated cloud- and AI-ready storage solution. This makes it a great sales opportunity as a natural progression from MSA storage, particularly for those customers looking to have total flexibility in data movement, or to grow their data capabilities quickly, easily, and at minimal cost.

Intelligent, always-on storage

In offering HPE Nimble, you’re able to move the conversation on from ‘how much storage do you need?’ to ‘what’s the minimum you want?’, as the HPE Store More Guarantee ensures more data is stored per raw TB, with up to a 21x data reduction ratio on VDI, and up to 8x on databases.1

Where HPE Nimble really stands out though, is in its intelligence:

AI Driven – HPE Nimble harnesses HPE Infosight, a self-managing, self-healing, and self-optimising artificial intelligence engine for infrastructure. It collects and analyses data from over 100,000 Infosight-enabled products globally to predict and prevent system problems. It means 86% of issues are fixed before your customers are even aware of them.2
For those which can’t be prevented, with HPE Nimble, there’s no need for Tier 1 or 2 support, and customers are put through to Tier 3 engineers within a minute. It’s a huge time and cost saving, exactly when it’s needed.

Cloud Ready – Customers can attach HPE Nimble to any public or private cloud provider, with full HPE support. It empowers them with the widest possible range and versatility to run their cloud infrastructure how they see fit. HPE also guarantee 99.9999% availability of data to your customers,3 meaning they’re never caught short.

Why Tech Data?

Not only is Tech Data the only distributor to now stock HPE Nimble, we’re also able to offer:

- Next day delivery (subject to availability)
- Webinars
- Live demos
- Proof of concept opportunities
- Flight-case plug and play dHCI Nimble for partner display and demo
- Partner and end-user training

Tech Data is the exclusive UK distributor that now stocks HPE dHCI Nimble, so to ensure your customers get the next generation data storage they need to stay ahead of the competition, be sure to speak to us today.

For further information on how to start your HPE Nimble journey, email John Prosser, or contact your Tech Data Internal Sales Executive or Account Manager.

1Source:“Spend Less on All-Flash Storage HPE Store More Guarantee for HPE Nimble Storage,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise, November 2019. 2Source:"Redefining the standard for system availability," Hewlett Packard Enterprise, August 2017.
3Source:"HPE Get 6-Nines Guarantee, HPE Nimble Storage," September 2017.
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