Is EMM the ultimate innovator for business mobility?



Digital transformation may be the business buzzword of the moment, but the underlying principles are incredibly important. The ability to apply technology to streamline operations, improve productivity, and enable secure mobility will be the difference between success and failure for your customers in the digital age.

Mobility has become a key factor in digital transformation programmes. Having important data available anytime, any place, on any device allows your customers to serve their clients more effectively. 64% of businesses state that their mobile IT efforts are driven by a desire to raise productivity.

But the overheads of managing a growing mobile estate manually are significant – particularly if your clients have chosen to implement a bring your own device (BYOD) strategy. The sheer variation in hardware, operating system versions and apps is staggering. Without assistance, the costs will quickly spiral out of control, significantly reducing the return on investment.

EMM – not just for device management

Customers will want to steer any EMM sales conversation towards security and data protection. Obviously, these are crucial pain points that need to be addressed, but ignoring the other benefits provided by EMM will reduce the value they derive from the solution.

A well-managed mobility programme has the potential to drive business transformation – when backed by an effective EMM. Your job is to make customers think on a larger scale about what can be achieved, and what that will mean for their business.

“Enterprise mobility is the trend toward a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. The term refers not only to mobile workers and mobile devices, but also to the mobility of corporate data.” — Tech Target

There are non-security related factors to consider including:

Increased productivity

By helping your customer’s employees do more, time and resources are released for use on other operations. In fact, of those businesses who do adopt EMM, 52% see improvements in mobile workforce effectiveness. End user effectiveness is actually the top driver of ROI in 32% of cases.

Increased ROI

Those productivity gains have a marked effect on profitability too. The average ROI gain is between 20% and 30%. Even though the focus of digital transformation should always be on building an exceptional user experience, the ability to show a return on investment remains extremely important.

Reduced demand on IT staffing resources

At a time when IT skills remain in high demand, your customers are looking to extract maximum value from their human capital without having to hire additional employees. EMM actually reduces the time spent on managing mobile IT issues by 29%. Your customers can also see a 23% reduction in service requests

Reduced IT management costs

EMM delivers a total management cost reduction of 20% on average. Some businesses report even larger savings of 33% or more. All without compromising the quality of service offered to internal stakeholders.

Greater insights into mobile operations

Digital transformation is driven by data – and not just information that relates directly to your customers either. By monitoring and measuring mobile device usage, your customers will be able to extract additional insights into their operations.

What works well? Where are the bottlenecks in the system? Where is time and resource being wasted through inefficient processes? Which apps are leaking data or driving productivity? These insights will allow your customers to constantly tweak operations to improve experiences for their end users – in turn boosting profits and customer loyalty.

Digital transformation requires time and money

Digital transformation programmes implement a regime of informed experimentation to develop more effective ways to serve your customers and their end users. Any holistic mobility strategy requires time and money, which may cause bottlenecks for some customers who are looking to innovate. As a reseller, it is your job to emphasise the benefits, ROI, and innovation opportunities made available through EMM.

Innovating business mobility

Your customers need enterprise mobility management if they are to stay ahead of the digital curve. Their competitors will already be aware of the business benefits of focusing on mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), mobile content management (MCM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM).

“It no longer is a discussion of “if” when it comes to mobile. It’s now firmly about “how.” To get to the next stage, organisations must extend mobility to customers and to partners, and they must envision innovative new ways to collaborate and conduct business.” – iSMG, 2016 Mobile Security & Business Transformation Study

EMM is the ultimate innovator for business mobility, addressing mobility strategies with security at the forefront. While this is the central driver behind business mobility, EMM encompasses a plethora of benefits from improved collaboration, to reduced business costs. Encourage your customers to embrace this new business model and innovate their mobility strategies today.


Think: Initially, your customers are most interested in the security protections offered by EMM. As you enter into discussions, you must steer the conversation back to the transformative potential of the technology, and how more robust mobility can help them deliver true digital transformation.
Act: Secure mobile working boosts employee effectiveness by up to 52%. EMM delivers ROI of 20-30% - savings that can be spent on other strategic projects.
Lead: EMM helps to reduce the pressure on the IT department, allowing them to focus on mission-critical tasks.
Share: EMM delivers new insights that can be applied to improving internal operations.