How Citrix Helps Enable a Positive, Productive and Profitable Workforce

Isn’t it funny how much we’ve learned about each other since we all began working from home? Taking part in video calls where partners, housemates, children and pets make guest appearances means we’ve got to know each other better. We’re sharing our feelings and our hopes for the future. And for some of us, the future is remote working most of the time – 71% of employees polled said they were planning on returning to the workplace in a “phased, partial” manner once their offices reopened¹.

A phased approach

At an organisational level, the feeling is broadly mutual. A survey by global real estate firm CBRE found 72% of businesses plan a phased approach to offices reopening². In the UK, two-thirds of employers plan to offer remote-working for the long-term³ – a figure that could rise if employees follow the example of Dyson staff who won a reversal of the company’s return-to-office plan⁴. In all cases, setting working policies requires a delicate balance of company priorities.

Striking the right balance

From new hardware acquisition to switching to cloud-based cost models, decisions relating to long-term working practices impact profitability. So how does Citrix help businesses get the balance right? Well, the beauty with Citrix (especially Workplace Premium Plus) is that it meets three key priorities:

1. Caring for employees regardless of physical location
2. Providing tools that increase productivity and remove unnecessary processes
3. Maintaining business profitability

The first point on this list is increasingly important. With mental health related illnesses the most common cause of long-term UK sickness absence⁵, support organisations are issuing specific guidance on how remote workers can look after their mental health⁶. Providing the right type of working environment, tools and support improves employee wellbeing which allows us to achieve point two – greater productivity.

A profitable investment

And let’s not be shy about profit – the more profitable a business is, the greater the opportunity to grow and better serve customers and employees. Based on what we’re hearing from Citrix partners, the desire to switch IT spend to Opex has soared. This has opened new opportunities to help end-user customers remain profitable while in turn growing Citrix cloud-based revenue. Perhaps the best example is Citrix Transition and Trade Up (TTU).

TTU allows organisations with an existing Citrix investment to either ‘transition’ their on-premise Citrix solution to its cloud-based counterpart or ‘trade up’ to a higher cloud-based edition. In doing so, customers preserve their Capex for where it’s needed most while fulfilling valuable use cases.

Five use cases, one webinar

Where TTU is paying dividends is for companies that elect to trade up to Citrix Workspace Premium Plus – giving them the potential to make significant gains in five areas that are brought into greater focus when you have large numbers of remote users:

· Managing Public Cloud Costs

· Mobilising Unsecured Users

· Sharing Data Compliantly and Securely

· Serving More Customers

· Preserving Anonymity and Protecting Infrastructure

These use cases are covered expertly, and succinctly, by Ben Mowbray from Citrix and my colleague Zarina Greenhalgh in our “Boost profitability with Citrix” webinar. And, in the spirit of making content available for when it best suits you, we’ve published it on demand:

Supporting wellbeing with Citrix

Thanks to its technical capabilities, my belief is that Citrix can help efforts to improve employee wellbeing (effective remote working, simplified processes, reduction in app logins, device-agnostic – I could go on…) and corporate wellbeing – keeping the business productive and profitable. And with TTU, this can be achieved in commercial terms that are not a financial burden.

Going beyond transactions

Relationships and partnerships are not transactional – we want you to feel good about doing business with us. Whether you want to talk about how Citrix can help your end-user customers better serve their employees, improve productivity, or maintain their profitability, get in touch with the Tech Data Citrix team. We’d love to hear from you.