Why EMM is the ultimate innovator for growing enterprises

Mobility is no longer limited to Bring Your Own Device. Find out how Enterprise Mobility Management is helping businesses to innovate beyond the corporate network.

With the current levels of hype, digital transformation is in danger of becoming another byword for failed IT project. But like so many promising concepts, failure tends to stem from an improper understanding of the intended outcome.

Headlines typically focus on potential cost reductions, completely ignoring the true focus of any digital transformation project – the customer. Deploying cloud technologies to reduce capital spend is a helpful secondary benefit – but far more valuable in the long term will be the ability to deliver a high quality customer experience at every interaction. This is where profit is made.

As you talk with your customers about their digital transformation projects and how they want to evolve their enterprise, it is important that you share knowledge and expertise, steering their focus back to their customers’ needs – and how technology can help.

Mobile is a catalyst for change

The need for transformation is undeniable. Ambitious start-ups like Airbnb, Uber and Revolut have drastically redefined mature industries, stealing market share from incumbents as they develop ways – often via mobile – to better serve customers. Competition among established players intensifies as they fight for what is left over.

Mobile technologies offer a way for your customers to fight their corner – and potentially even lead the pack. Increasing use of mobile devices allows technology to become more pervasive throughout the organisation – at the most basic level, employees are no longer tied to their desks.

True digital transformation is more than simply allowing workers to work from their tablets in the breakout room. With mobile access to key systems and data, they can work any place, any time. Enterprise content management dramatically simplifies the process of enabling access to this information, and takes care of security in transit, and at rest on the device itself. As a trusted advisor, you should make your customers aware of the financial and productivity gains their business can make when they invest in Enterprise Mobility Management. 

Remember – it’s all about the customer

Pervasive IT is only of interest if it benefits the customer. Instead of concentrating on a distributed workforce, the true value lies in how easily customers and end users can interact with the business. Mobile technology is prized for its immediacy. Customers can get what they want, when they want –assuming workers can access the information they need to answer customer queries in a timely manner.

Once again, mobile content management comes to the fore, ensuring access to everything required to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Dealing with increased customer demand

Enterprise Mobility Management solutions can help to reduce capital spend on software and hardware. But the true value lies in scalability and flexibility – the ability to pick and choose services that can meet the changing demands of customers. And when billed on a subscription basis, your customer is free to scale up or down as required.

A hosted EMM platform provides exactly the same functionality, allowing them to enrol and disenroll devices without investing in redundancy “just in case”. This scalability means that they can change their employment model; hiring freelancers using their own mobile devices ensures that they have exactly the right number of people to meet a client’s needs for the duration of a project for instance.

With EMM, every freelancer can be equipped centrally with access to the data and apps they need to serve customers effectively. Once the project completes, the contractors are disenrolled, apps and data access is removed, and billing for the service stops.

In this way the end customer wins because they have access to all the support they need, for as long as they need it. Your customer wins too – they can avoid all the costs of expanding an in-house team, and never pay for anything that is not actually needed. Without EMM, many of these cost savings would be lost.

Applying data to drive innovation

As well as serving customers now, your customers also need to plan for the future. The new, data-driven operating model requires access to information about internal processes, using those insights to develop new products and services, and to streamline the customer experience.

If mobile is going to be crucial to operations, your customers need to know how it is being used. Again, EMM can assist by recording data usage, system access, app usage and remote employee locations. This information can then be used to plan future investment by highlighting which internal resources are the most heavily used – or underused.

EMM may also reveal bottlenecks that are affecting productivity, or areas where automation could be introduced to improve process accuracy and customer experience. The insights will be different for each of your customers – the need to track mobile use will not.

EMM - Undeniably essential

The fact that most businesses believe mobile will be essential for innovation and growth underscores the importance of a reliable, fully-featured enterprise mobile management platform. Without tools to simplify the management and security of devices, or to monitor and report on how they are used, mobile will become yet another IT bolt-on, instead of providing much-needed transformative impetus.

As you work with customers embarking on digital transformation projects, help them to understand:

  • Digital transformation is all about using technology to better serve clients.
  • Mobile is a catalyst for change – and will help them stay competitive in a changing market.
  • Using cloud-based EMM, they can build new ways of working quickly and without capital spend.
  • Monitoring mobile use is essential to planning the next evolution of service.

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