Transform the way you sell by creating a predictable, service-led revenue stream with Tech Data Optimise

What is Tech Data Optimise?

Tech Data Optimise is our technology-as-a-service offering. It allows you to combine your hardware, software, and services into a single solution for your customers. Give them access to the latest technology, optimise their IT budgets, and simplify their bill. 

Our programme helps you to move your customers away from large capital investments. Instead, they can enjoy technology, training, services and maintenance through a low-cost, quarterly technology-as-a-service plan.

What are the business benefits?

By transforming the way your technology is procured, you can improve your margins, shorten technology refresh cycles, and sell more services than ever before. Create long-term, sustainable relationships with customers for life. Using our technology-as-a-service programme will strengthen your position as a trusted advisor. 

Tech Data Optimise will differentiate your business in an overcrowded market. It will empower you to meet your customer’s IT and budget requirements, so you can always deliver an exceptional service. Enjoy greater profitability, greater cash flow, and a streamlined sales process. 

What’s the need for technology-as-a-service?

80% of companies see demand from their customers for technology services.

Cloud infrastructure 
services volumes are up 52.3% YoY to $9.5 billion.

37.6% companies 
expect to move to DaaS within 3 years.

PC refresh rate will shorten by around 6 months.

Who can use Tech Data Optimise?

Our technology-as-a-service programme is available to resellers and customers across all industries. We empower sectors including government, enterprise, education, and healthcare. The move from CAPEX to OPEX means every employee, in every industry, can have access to the latest technology — thanks to shorter refresh rates. 

With Tech Data Optimise, you can help your customers to realise significant cost savings, simplified asset management, and reduced complexity in IT support. It can be used by any reseller who wants to position themselves as a trusted advisor, go above and beyond for their customers, and enjoy the first technology-as-a-service solution on the UK market.

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