Empower your customer to deliver and manage any app on any mobile device with VMware Workspace™ ONE™.

Why you should sell VMware Workspace™ ONE™

VMware Workspace™ ONE™ is the simple and secure enterprise platform that lets your customers deliver and manage any app on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. By integrating identity management, real-time application delivery, and enterprise mobility management, Workspace ONE engages your customer’s digital employees, reduces the threat of data leakage, and modernises traditional IT operations for the mobile cloud era.

VMware Workspace™ ONE™is the next step up from an EMM solution and will allow your customers to:

  • Securely embrace SaaS mobile apps while supporting existing enterprise applications.

  • Attract and retain top talent with tools that give employees freedom to be productive, while maintaining the right data security and compliance.

  • Accelerate the adoption of Windows 10 by using the same modern management framework designed for mobile devices.

  • Get the right level of security based on authentication strength, data sensitivity, user location, device posture.

  • Use shrink-wrapped device provisioning so their employees can self-configure laptops, smartphones and tablets for immediate enterprise use.

So what are the features of VMware Workspace™ ONE™?

Consumer grade self-service access to cloud, mobile, Windows apps. Your customers can securely deliver any application to their employees’ devices through a self-service app catalogue, while federating the most complex on-premise Active Directory topologies with single sign-on. Additional security layers you can offer your customers include authentication brokerage, industry first One-touch mobile SSO, and biometric timeout settings for authentication. 

Real-time app delivery and automation. Your customers can enable their employees to provision new, shrink-wrapped devices from anywhere through remote configuration management. Workspace™ ONE™ includes Windows Software Distribution which automate software lifecycle management and delivery of secure, hosted apps and desktops by Horizon. Support is available through remote assistance, which is simple to use and easy to access. 


Secure productivity apps such as Mail, Calendar, Docs, and Chat. Your customers can benefit from using multiple productivity apps, including consumer-simple email with advanced attachment security. This makes email easy to use and reduces data leakage. Customers will also benefit from an integrated Calendar, helping them to be more productive and book meetings more easily. Enterprise Chat can also add to this focus of productivity and efficiency.


Data security and endpoint compliance with conditional access. Your customers can combine identity and mobility management, focusing on compliance throughout their business. These opportunities come through ComplianceCheck Conditional Access, Device Management and Compliance powered by AirWatch, App and Device Analytics, and Intelligent Network with integration with VMware NSX.

What products are available?

VMware Workspace™ ONE™ is a simple and secure enterprise platform that allows your customer to deliver any app, on any mobile device. Available in three different editions - standard, advanced, and enterprise - your customers will be able to subscribe to a mixture that effectively solves their EMM needs. 

You can see the products available in each coloured management suite - green, orange, blue and yellow - and work with your customer to deliver a package that suits them best.


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