Deliver the best performance for your customer’s applications and take virtualisation to the next level through vSphere with Operations Management.

Why you should sell vSphere with Operations Management

With intelligent operations management, vSphere provides your customers with better insights into their environments, resulting in improved performance and availability. Virtualise applications, minimise downtime and improve the management of their virtual machines.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by working with VMware and Tech Data to upsell predictive analytics, self-learning management tools and improved reliability. Virtualise your customer’s environments, add automation, and help them to achieve business productivity.

So what are the benefits of vSphere with Operations Management?

Improved performance
Your customers can virtualise any app with confidence. VMware offers greater performance and high levels of availability for traditional business critical apps and modern applications including cloud, mobile, social and big data application.

Greater data protection
Faced with complex regulations, your customers need to protect their data. vSphere prioritises security with integrated data migration, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery for virtual machines, and the options to use any third-party vendors.

Minimised business downtime
With high availability and fault tolerance from vSphere, your customers can achieve business continuity. VMware’s product detects server failure and provides rapid recovery by automatically restarting virtual machines on available servers, without disruption.

Improved visibility
With a unified dashboard purpose-built for vSphere, your customers can enjoy full visibility of their entire virtualised environment. They can monitor the health of their infrastructure and apps, identify risks and enhance performance as a result.

Predictive analytics
Help your customers to understand how and when their infrastructures and applications work best. With predictive analytics your customers can evaluate and correlate monitoring and log data to identify performance issues and improve availability.

Self learning management
vSphere with Operations Management adapts to your customer’s environment, delivering fewer false alerts. It makes the best use of resource by automatically balancing workloads.

Simplified compliance
With predefined configurations and templates, vSphere with Operations Management enforces standards to ensure compliance. This helps your customers to stay on top of issues without the effort, so they can focus on strategic business goals instead.

Next step

Data centre maturity audit

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