Streamline your customer’s IT operations managements and deliver intelligence around their applications and infrastructure with vRealize Operations.

What is VMware vRealize Operations and how can you sell it?

Part of the vRealize Suite, vRealize Operations improves the performance of software-defined data centres and helps your customers to manage them proactively. Making operations easier, customers get the most out of their infrastructure and applications.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by improving your customer’s application performance, minimising their business disruption and making their IT more efficient. With vRealize Operations and Tech Data you can guarantee customer satisfaction.

So what are the benefits of vRealize Operations?

Improved availability and performance
With inherited performance and health monitoring, your customers can gain visibility of their storage and applications in the software-defined data centre, regardless of its infrastructure. This helps them to predict performance issues and proactively respond to change.

Predictive analytics and smart alerts
vRealize Operations delivers real-time information on how infrastructure and apps are performing. With predictive analytics and smart alerts, customers have oversight of critical symptoms and can act with efficiency to prevent downtime.

Increased operational intelligence
With a centralised operations view, your customers can gather insights into application-to-infrastructure dependencies. They can assess risk and efficiency statuses at the group or component level and make intelligent IT decisions.

Policy-based automation
vRealize Operations delivers the freedom of customisable policies so customers can meet their business requirements as they see fit. Working with VMware gives customers full control of IT operations, so they can optimise performance and achieve compliance.

Optimised infrastructures
Optimise customer’s infrastructures with cross-cluster workload placement, capacity management planning and configuration and compliance management. From right-sizing virtual machines to remediating violations of policies, your customers are always in control.

Unified management
Offer your customers unified management across heterogeneous data centres and multiple public clouds. vRealize Operations delivers comprehensive visibility of applications, infrastructure and cloud environments in a single, centralised place.

Improved business continuity
Improve your customer’s disaster recovery plan through automated application discovery and mapping. Identify the impact of infrastructure changes and discover dependences between virtual machines and critical connections that can improve their disaster recovery.

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