Give your customers the ability to deploy infrastructure and applications across a multi-vendor hybrid cloud infrastructure with vRealize Automation.

What is vRealize Automation and how can you sell it?

vRealize Automation is a cloud automation software that automates the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure, reduces provisioning time and accelerates application deployment.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by delivering a product that matches your customer’s business needs today and far into the future. Work with VMware and Tech Data to give them the flexibility and investment protection to personalise and virtualise their environments.

So what are the benefits of vRealize Automation?

Flexible management
Gaining a single-plane-of-glass style transparency, management of cloud environments becomes more flexible. With VMware, your customers can enjoy simplified infrastructure and deployment across multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments.

Enhanced governance
With vRealize your customers can meet specific business needs while ensuring service level agreements are met with personalised, policy-based governance. This improves control and the ability to meet regulatory requirements for hybrid cloud deployments.

Flexibility and choice
As your customer’s business grows they will need the flexibility to bring new apps, new processes and new services to market. vRealize Automation helps them to adopt the right cloud platform, onsite and offsite, and achieve rapid deployment.

Great cost-effectiveness
When used alongside vRealize Business, as part of the full vRealize suite, your customers can access a cost comparison across public and private cloud services, helping them to make the most cost-effective choice for their data centre.

Precise provisioning
vRealize automation offers your customers an installation wizard, helping them to improve their provisioning. They can configure their systems precisely in the first instance, including levels of availability and performance.

Next step

Data centre maturity audit

As a reseller, you are responsible for identifying the right data centre opportunities for customers and offering solutions that will meet their virtualisation needs. Complete our maturity audit to define your customer's data centre competency and the next steps they should take.