Deliver virtual desktops, applications and online services to your customer’s end users and create consistently great experiences with Horizon 7.

What is VMware Horizon 7 and how can you sell it?

Horizon 7 is a purpose-built platform the mobile-cloud era. It gives your customers power to present virtualised desktops and applications to their end users through a single, unified workspace.

Position yourself as a trusted advisor by working with VMware and Tech Data to deliver consistently great user experiences, helping your customer’s employees to work naturally — on any device, app or operating system — wherever they are.

So what are the benefits of VMware Horizon 7?

Support for the software-defined data centre
Horizon 7 integrates tightly with VMware’s SDDC, including vSphere, vSAN and NSX. Eliminating the need for disparate components, your customers and their end users can enjoy a far more seamless and intuitive environment.

Improved data security
Your customers can create policies for their apps and assign access levels to their end users. This helps to consolidate control, delivery and protection of end user compute resources while securing the data centre infrastructure and workloads.

Simplified application management
Your customers can reduce storage and operational costs thanks to Horizon 7. With a modern desktop and application delivery architecture, your customers can create virtual desktops to their end users in seconds.

Improved ROI
Horizon 7 helps your customers to drive down costs associated with day-to-day operations. By extending virtualisation from their data centre to their devices, customers can allocate resources with virtual storage, compute and networking.

Boosted productivity
Your customers can deliver digital workspaces on demand to end users, helping them to work naturally wherever they are. Give your customer’s workforce access to the apps and environments they are familiar with so they can work with enhanced productivity.

Multi-layered protection
Deliver multi-layered protection for your customer’s virtual infrastructure, from their data centre right through to their devices. Horizon 7 offers automated intelligence and threat protection, simplifies authentication and builds smart policies for controlled access.

Next step

Data centre maturity audit

As a reseller, you are responsible for identifying the right data centre opportunities for customers and offering solutions that will meet their virtualisation needs. Complete our maturity audit to define your customer's data centre competency and the next steps they should take.