Tech Data offer the very best solutions from the Veritas portfolio. Offer your customers a holistic solution to their business challenges with any or all of the solutions below. Whether your customers are looking to upgrade their back-up process, migrate to and between clouds or improve their overall availability, Tech Data and Veritas have the answer.

Analytics into Infrastructure

Data growth continues to proliferate at an alarming rate and it’s a great challenge to keep up with it.

By delivering unmatched and comprehensive IT analytics with actionable insights, you’ll enable your customers to optimise storage and costs, mitigate risk to meet service-level agreements, and streamline back-up compliance.

APTARE IT Analytics offers a single-pane-of-glass that provides deep analytics and interconnected insights across the critical components of your customer’s IT structure, both on-premises and in the cloud.

APTARE IT Analytics is the only extensible platform offering unified insights for backup and virtual infrastructure in a heterogeneous IT environment across on-premises and hybrid clouds.

This recent acquisition by Veritas is already being used by 30% of the Fortune 100, and 70% of demos lead to a sale. Start talking to your customer about how Aptare Analytics can reduce their cost, reduce their risk and increase the value they are getting from their existing infrastructure.

Application Availability and Disaster Recovery

Veritas have a 25-year history of keeping applications highly available in the event of a disaster.

We all know that hardware and software failure, human error, malicious insiders, Cybercrime, and natural disaster are just some of the threats to keeping business services up and running. We also know it is not a matter of if they will be affected, but a matter of when.

In order to mitigate that risk as much as possible your customers need a solution that performs sub-second application failover globally, between physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure regardless of operating systems, servers or storage. Veritas achieves this, and in doing so, massively reduces the costs to your customers for disaster recovery.

Veritas have a range of solutions catering for every size budget and risk-appetite for any given application. They will help you determine the right product for your customers with a simple methodology of recovery time objective, and acceptable data loss.

Top reasons to choose Veritas for disaster recovery and high availability needs

  • Heterogenous support of infrastructure including virtual, physical and cloud environments
  • Ability to move entire business services ensuring business continues in the event of a disaster
  • Tailored solution to meet the size and scope of your customers’ businesses
  • Non-disruptive rehearsals allow regular testing to avoid configuration drift
  • Availability across any distance
  • Multi-directional failover with data integrity
  • Comprehensive reports


Veritas are the market share leader for backup and recovery and have been named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 14 times in a row. Veritas have offerings for any size business from the smallest all the way up to the largest enterprise. The wide variety of platforms, applications and infrastructure Veritas support allow the backup solution to grow with the end user. Veritas supports a vast array of environments and integrates with every layer of the infrastructure stack to unify your customers’ entire data protection strategies. A unified backup solution for all your customers’ backup needs will drastically help reduce their costs and infrastructure complexity.

Protecting Office 365, G-suite and Salesforce

To ensure flexibility and scalability your customers will no doubt have adopted modern technologies and IT services such as SaaS in the form of Microsoft Office 365, G-suite or Salesforce. The majority of people don’t realise that these host solutions work on a shared responsibility model meaning the end user is responsible for the data in the hosted solution. If data is accidentally deleted or stored incorrectly, the onus is on the user to rectify the error.

Although these services provide numerous benefits, there is also the risk that your customers may experience a gap in their SaaS data protection.

Veritas SaaS Backup bridges this gap by providing secure end-to-end data protection across your customer’s entire Office 365 environment.

A quick look at Veritas SaaS Backup:

  • Protect and control cloud-based SaaS
  • Simple, easy and hassle free installation
  • Future proof scale out capabilities
  • Get better insights into data with a single click for granular searching
  • Gain peace of mind with a secure and reliable data protection solution
  • Share content
  • Total cost of cost of ownership is the cost of the Veritas solution
  • No additional storage
  • Unlimited retention

Is Tape Storage a Thing of the Past?

The time for your customers to review their back-up strategy has come. The era of storage taps is largely a thing of the past and Veritas Backup Exec offers an excellent opportunity for your partners to explore new backup methods such as the cloud.

Now that GDPR legislation is in full force, your customers face increased complexities when it comes to storing their data. Some of these complexities include:

  • Organisations must demonstrate that they only hold data for “as long as is necessary”
  • Organisations must action all Data Subject Requests within 30 days
  • Organisations must be able to comply with customers’ “right to be forgotten”

Veritas data management solutions drive innovation while maintaining business stability and agility, so your customers can continue to adopt technology trends without causing disruption to their end customers.

Veritas works in perfect conjunction with leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and all major cloud services.


Veritas has an Archiving platform that helps bridge the gap between business, legal and IT, helping organizations intelligently store, manage and discover unstructured information. The market share leader in on-premises enterprise information archiving, Enterprise Vault helps organizations to maintain important information, while reducing backup and storage costs and enabling a repeatable and defensible discovery process.


The Veritas eDiscovery Platform is a leading enterprise eDiscovery solution, enabling enterprises, governments, and law firms to manage legal, regulatory, and investigative matters using a single application. It helps customers to defensibly solve real-world challenges across the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, from legal hold and collections through analysis, review, and production.

Storage Management

Storage management is complex due the majority of end users using multiple vendors for their storage needs to reduce cost.  Veritas invented storage virtualization and can create a layer of management covering your customers’ entire storage needs. It allows them to seamlessly move data between various storage environments.

Veritas maximizes storage efficiency, data availability, operating system agility, and performance across heterogeneous server and storage environments. Unlike endpoint solutions, InfoScale Storage enables IT organizations to manage their storage infrastructures in a centralized fashion.

InfoScale Storage’s advanced features include SmartIO, Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS), Dynamic Multi-Pathing, storage tiering, deduplication, compression, thin reclamation, and local and remote replication. Together with Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (an easy-to-use centralized management console) they combine to enable organizations to reduce operational costs and capital expenditures across storage from a variety of vendors.

Cloud Migration and Adoption

Cloud migration is of vital importance to modern businesses – but it often incurs astronomical capital expenditure costs that can be crippling. Research conducted by Veritas confirmed that 93% of organisations faced challenges with cloud migration and that 84% of businesses disclosed cloud lock-in to be a major concern1.

Veritas CloudMobility helps to ensure seamless workload migration to and from the multi-cloud. Give your customers the flexibility to adopt cloud on their terms. Key benefits of CloudMobility include:

  • Ensure successful migration by testing non-disruptively before live migration
  • Migrate complex workloads with full automation and single-click operations
  • Stay flexible with the option to migrate out of the cloud, back to on-premises or to another cloud

Veritas & The Cloud

The cloud is being adopted at a rapid rate and in line with Veritas’s heterogenous strategy, they currently work with over 50 public cloud providers.  It offers your customers exceptional flexibility and choice in their cloud strategy.

Veritas implement a unique approach to cloud adoption, providing:


Help your customers understand what data they are moving to the cloud: how old is that data, when was it last accessed and who accessed it. As moving data to the cloud costs money there is no point in moving redundant, obsolete or trivial data. Veritas can also help discover personally identifiable data and provide data classification. This could help justify the need for private cloud or ensure your customers only move exactly what they want to a public cloud. Veritas insight solutions work in the cloud, so if your customers have already moved, they can still reduce costs and risk.


Veritas can help you backup to the cloud to reduce the need for tape and allow for quicker restore functionality. It reduces cost and meets regulatory compliance at a stroke. Veritas treat the cloud as a storage target so there is no additional cost and minimal set up is required. Your customers can deduplicate data to the cloud, reducing their cloud consumption with Veritas’s cloud


Veritas have 25 years+ experience in disaster recovery and high availability with a proven track record of keeping entire business services up and running. This includes failover between physical , virtual and cloud-to-cloud if required. Veritas can architect solutions that have sub-second downtime across the globe and also have a range of offerings dependent on the business need and budget. They can also help with cloud migration and move entire business services to the cloud with non-disruptive testing so your customers can be sure their workloads will run problem-free once deployed.

Veritas cloud with Microsoft

Experience a simple, complete backup and recovery protection solution for your business with Tech Data Veritas Backup Exec™ on Microsoft Azure - covering all your data across physical, virtual, and multi-cloud environments.

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Veritas with Nutanix

Offer your customers a seamless, natively integrated cloud-based solution with Veritas NetBackup protected applications running on Nutanix AHV. The solution delivers high availability while mitigating data centre complexity, costs and footprint.

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Why sell Veritas?

Veritas are the number one in back-up and recovery with a proven portfolio of enterprise products that work and work well. By partnering with Veritas, you’re ensuring that you’re bringing the very best to your end-customers.

Tech Data and Veritas can also help customers on their journey to the cloud – Veritas has an exciting portfolio of cloud products that enables your customers to either start out their cloud journey or support them in their already developed cloud practice, protecting their data, so no stone is left un-turned.

What’s more, the extensive portfolio spans backup, email management, data insight and governance. Veritas can lead your end-customers to success, and coupled with the expertise of Tech Data, you’re guaranteed to thrive too.

Why choose Tech Data for Veritas?

Speed, specialism and success!

The Tech Data team are quick, experienced and have a proven track record of being the best distributor for Veritas in the UK. Our in-house specialists are poised and ready to answer any queries our partners may have.

The combination of our support, programmes and expertise creates a winning combination that puts our partners in the very best position to thrive with Tech Data and Veritas.

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1The Veritas Truth in Cloud 2017 Research