Enable your business to grow today with the Veritas Accelerate Programme.​ 

The Accelerate Programme is a new sales enablement programme from Tech Data, which provides an easy route to business growth for Veritas partners.

Open to both current and new Veritas partners, the Accelerate Programme helps resellers to clearly demonstrate the relevance and value of Veritas solutions to customers and identify and address new business opportunities. 

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Create your own web shop

eCommerce can help your organisation in many ways, from reducing admin time to integrating your own personalised web store. This would enable your business to take orders 24/7, 365 days a year, as well as having an electronic integration to receive data on our products and prices, which you can then use automatically when quoting, purchasing or pricing.

With our free TDEngage product finder, keeping your website up-to-date with the latest technology solutions is easy. In fact, once it’s set-up, you won’t need to do a thing. Content can be tailored to your needs; you select the brands, product lines and specific information you want to recieve and the service will constantly provide updated information. 

Customers visiting your website will be able to see a set of pages where they can search for products and view special offers and promotions. For only £395 a year, you can have a full eCommerce solution added to your website, which activates shopping cart functionality. If you do not have an existing website, for £995 a year TDEngage can set-up a full eCommerce solution for you from scratch. There is a requirement for you to have a credit line with us in order to go ahead with a web shop option.

The Veritas Service Provider Program (VSPP)

Incorporate Veritas technology into your service offerings in a more efficient and streamlined manner with VSPP. The program is designed to perfectly fit each of our partners and offer services that uniquely fit their requirements.

VSPP enables you to purchase or consume Veritas software, hardware and hosted products in one of three ways:

  • Upfront in a specific transaction, locking in your best long term pricing
  • Spread out your investment over time, providing access to more technology for annual payments
  • Pay as you consume the product, only paying for what you use

To find out more about VSPP contact one of our Veritas specialists.


Access to Business Solution Centre (BSC)

The BSC is Tech Data’s state-of-the-art demonstration facility, providing partners with direct access to a wide range of facilities and services.

Whether you are looking for hardware, software or a total solution, Tech Data Advanced Solutions has developed a ‘live’ laboratory environment that enables partners to model, Benchmark and evaluate a combination of best-of breed technology solutions. Services include:

Demonstration workshops

Proof of technology 

Pre-sales briefings

Partner enablement

Seminars and events

Consultative engagements

The centre is also available remotely or via webinar for customers who are unable to attend the Heathrow location.


  • Veritas 101 Programme – a deep-dive insight covering all the basics
  • Margin builder & ORR Masterclass – find out how to deal register products
  • Access to a schedule of Webinars – keep up to date with the latest from Veritas
  • Training and Enablement Planning – bespoke plans are available

Get in touch with the Tech Data Veritas team to discover more:

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